April 02, 2015

David Duke Show 2015.04.02

Today's show is an incredible show with a powerful, frank, scientific and human rights discussion of ethnicity, race and nationhood.
In it Dr. Duke talks about his new video: Zionism is Racism. (Be Sure to Watch It!) and he explores the reality of race and racial differences in the diversity of mankind.
He explains why the simply fact is that Jews are a race and that they have the right to seek, preserve their heritage, but that they have no right to oppress, invade, exploit or kill others in that quest. Nor do they have the right to hypocritically oppose every other peoples' right to preserve their heritage and human rights!
He shows how Israel is the world's most racist state but gets away with it because racist Jewish racists control the media and politics of the world. He begins by showing how their blackmail and power led to the overturn of the UN statement that "Zionism is Racism."
Then he goes into the realities of Jewish racism all over the world.
Be sure to go to DavidDuke.com and watch Zionism is Racism

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Is Monsanto on the side of science? How scientists who investigate the safety of GM foods are treated.

Manuela Malatesta: The Italian researcher found that Monsanto’s GM soy disturbed the functioning of the liver, pancreas and testes of mice.25 ,26 ,27 , 28 After she published her papers, she says she was forced out of her job at the university where she had worked for 10 years, and could not obtain funding to follow up her research.
She commented: ‘Research on GMOs is now taboo. You can’t find money for it… People don’t want to find answers to troubling questions. It’s the result of widespread fear of Monsanto and GMOs in general.’17
Commenting on these cases, Michael Antoniou, a London-based molecular geneticist, says the normal scientific response to worrying findings is to design more experiments to get to the bottom of whether there really is a health concern or environmental impact.
Yet in the area of GM crops and foods, this does not happen. Instead, Antoniou says, ‘the GMO lobby attempts to discredit the study and the scientists who conducted it. It’s despicable and unprecedented in the history of science.’     ***Read full article here***

Blacklisted Radio - 2015.03.29 - Doug Owen talks with John B. Wells

Blacklisted News Radio is hosted by Doug Owen.

Doug Owen talks with John B. Wells. John is an American talk radio host, voice actor, and former weekend host of Coast to Coast AM. In addition to his film and television work, Wells has worked at radio stations across Texas and around the world.


Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.04.02

Part 2 of the Hapsburg Jews discussion

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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2015.04.01

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John Friend on THE CRAZZ FILES 2015.03.31

Last night, I was a guest on THE CRAZZ FILES, an independent podcast program based in Australia. We discussed a variety of issues, including Israel's central role in 9/11, the fraudulent "Holocaust" narrative of WWII, psychological warfare, media fakery, and the systematic Jewish assault on Western civilization. This was an excellent discussion, and I hope to be back on THE CRAZZ FILES in the near future.