November 08, 2020

450,000 Miraculous Ballots for Joe Biden Fall From The Sky!

Joe Biden is The Chosen One
450,000 Miraculous Votes for Joe Biden!

Addicted To Our Own Destruction With Mike 'The Rebel Madman' Gaddy 2020.11.08

Mike does a roundrable with four friends in which multiple politcal topics are discused.

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Massive! FRAUD Bombshell - Sidney Powell

No Agenda Episode 1293 - "Covidiots" - 2020.11.08


The Great Awankening by Frauds R' US - Max Igan, TDV, etc.


It's The New Normal

American Coup D'Etat
& $10 million if You Can Prove COVID-19 is Real
Max Igan
  Did Trump Get Defrauded Out of the (S)Election?
The Dollar Vigilante
The Dire Situation of the Current Election Stalemate
Yukon Jack
The Lockdown – NOT COVID – Is Causing Deaths!!
 The Paul Craig Roberts (PCR) Test