June 03, 2022

The Plutonium Jewbilie of The Black Widow's Queen of Depravity - Hoffman & Voltman

The Seat of Conceit at the Heart of
The Empire of Vanity and Deceit
Bandits Crowned This Counterfeit Money Hag

The Royal Hippopotacrite of Fuckingham Falace

She likes to flash and make a lavish splash
She swims in cash and treats the rest like trash
Her appetite is huge, just like her swollen head
Her hero must be Scrooge, WHO wishes you were dead

And though she may choke me and poke me
And ban me, her toil is in vain,
No dungeon, no gallows can scare me
Nor will I be frightened by pain.

Each time I’ll arise from the Earth
And break through her weapons of doom
Until she is finished forever,
Until she is dust in the tomb.

I will smash her crown and her scepter
And trample them into the dust
I’ll rip off her rich purple garments
And tear them to rags and to shreds

Never again will their glitter
Be able to turn people’s heads

Asses to Asses and Lust to Lust

Dedicated to Her Travesty, The Lizard Queen of Fuckingham Falace
upon the occasion of her Plutonium Jewbilie.

May she rot in her Grave New World

Voltman Plutonymus Rex & Joseph Bovschover
The Jubilee of Elizabeth II: The Queen of Depravity
Michael Hoffman – Revisionist Review June 1, 2022



The Black Widow's Queen
Gaslighting Me with PSYOPS
* Suggested by Yukon Jack *

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