September 19, 2020

Your Saturday Cartoons: Same Old, Same Old: September 19, 2020

Powers & Principalities: Episode 169

BillyBob said...

I love Tim and his shows, but have always been skeptical of Joe Atwill - since his Jan Irvin days, so this post about "Joseph Elton Atwill" is quite illuminating:
For over 168 episodes Joe Atwill has told us about "The Evil Oligarchs", and the "Evil Masons" who control our world. Wouldn't it be hilarious if Joe was one of the Oligarchs?
He is! Joe claims that his $$ comes from him being into bits and bytes and starting two companies with as Joe refers to him: The legendary IBM programmer David Ferguson!
Funny that Joe never mentions David Ferguson is his Uncle, that comes out in a court case! Joe never mentions that his Grandmother is Hollywood scriptwriter and crime novel writer Craig Rice, and his Great Grandmother is Mary Randolph Craig - who proudly states on her passport that John Randolph from Virginia is her dad. Joe is from one of the oldest Oligarch's in America, Amazon features over 40 books on the Randolph's of Virginia. This is where Joe's wealth comes from.
Joe rags on Bill Gates having a silver spoon in his mouth, His Ungle David Ferguson and Joe Atwill were born with a silver shovel in their mouths. Joe must have had a ball laughing at us all these 168 episodes. His family are called the "Adam & Eve" of Virginia! Thomas Jefferson has Randolph Blood, Peyton Randolph was front and center in our Constitution, and setting up the oldest Masonic Hall in continuous use in the United States. Joe is NOT what he claims to be, his a Brat of the Oligarchs, so hearing him lambasting them is pretty damn funny, don't you think?

Ted & Austin Radio Show - September 18 2020

Is Newt Gingrich anti Semitic because he criticized Soros?

Why social media is dangerous and addictive to children.

Austin stands firm with a friend regarding social media and children.

Should you take the same stand?

Americans are constantly bombarded with propaganda.

What’s really going to happen after the election?

The narrative is being fortified.

Is Tucker controlled and compromised?

Who controls Fox?

Did they apologize to Gingrich?

Gingrich responds to the rudeness of Fox!

Thanks inthemix16. I have posted based on your recomendation and have not listened to the whole program.

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One Radio Network - Thomas Renz

Thomas Renz – COVID: Major case filed against the State of Ohio for restricting freedom without legitimate justification

Why is Mr. Renz suing the State of Ohio? He gives us the details

Lockdown vs house arrest; they have become indistinguishable

What might justify serious actions imposed upon the public by the government?

What will Mr. Renz need to show a jury during this trial?

Reviewing the REAL numbers

Not a single scientist has been able to provide documentation that masks prevent viral spread

Mr. Renz believes in the court system and believes that if he can get a fair trial, he and his team will win

When will this case go to court?

Even the inventor of the PCR test said it’s not good for diagnosis

We either have a Constitution or we don’t

Freedom is the one thing we all need to come together on; this is NOT a left vs right issue