February 10, 2014

The Hans Krampe Interviews






***Finale Tribute to the Hans Krampe 12-22-2014***

Typical Jew, Herman Rosenblat


Black people talk about Jews

Doomcast 27 - 2014.02.09

*MORE* Bankers Topping themselves? Shurely not?!

Charlie has been in Vegas, so this belated episode has a few choice topics from the weeks news cycle including the Winter Olympics, Russian/US Propaganda War, More Depressed Bankers turning up dead (including one missing reporter), and much more!

Queen may derail March 2014 Brussels trial with Pope by arresting Kevin Annett for sedition

UK MP: Queen may derail March 2014 Brussels trial with Pope by arresting Kevin Annett for sedition

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Previous articles: Queen guilty in missing children case, warrant server arrested?

Queen Elizabeth and Cameron issued warrants for a pedophile ring?  

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The Insurgent Radio 5.24.2013

 TT has a guest named Bruce Forester aka "Kent". Forester has been traveling to the UFO conferences. He has also been reading up on the Electric Universe and shares a few points. They also discuss cattle mutilations. Enjoy the show 14/5 STFU


No Agenda - NA590 - "Jelly Side Up" - 2014.02.09

PR; TODAY; Dinner with the Obots; F-Russia; SnowJob; Media Shield; Heroin; Squirrel!; 2TTH; Bank$ters; Ministry of Truth;  Trains Good, Planes Bad (Whoo Hoo!); Boston; Syria; Moderate Muslims; EARon; Out There; Turkey; Hollywood Whackers; AFRIKA;  GAS/LNG; Agenda 21; BTC; Obama Nation; Haiti; Hillary 2016.

The Distraction Du Jour


Voice of Albion 2014.02.09

John Tyndall addresses the 1998 BNP Conference
The Eleventh Hour

The Eleventh Hour Chapter 17 – The Imperial Imperative

• The Colonial territories once owned by Imperial powers now, for the most part, rot in poverty, maladministration and corruption
“The Empire is not breaking up, it is growing up”
Conservative Prime Minister Harold Macmillan
• The economic motives of Empire predominated over all others (including Racial Expansion)
•  The British Empire never intended to colonise South Africa with British settlers
• Jewish finance in London was determined to secure the gold and diamonds under the Afrikaner’s land. The Boer war followed
• India ‘The Jewel in the Imperial Crown‘, was always more of a prestige symbol of Empire than an asset to it
• Britain’s entry into the ECC in 1973 weakened it’s ties with the White Dominions

Richard Edmond’s speech in Birmingham 1st February 2014 
John Tyndall BNP Conference speech 1998 4/6

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