September 02, 2015

The Debate - GAZA Strip Destruction (September 2nd)

Carbon Dating Suggests World's Oldest Koran Is Older Than Muhammad

When will Humanity wake up from their dangerous Jewish Constructed Delusions?
Last month, fragments of a Koran were discovered within the pages of another Koran from the late seventh century in the library of the University of Birmingham in England. Experts at Oxford University examined and carbon-dated the pages, and they determined that they were produced some time between 568AD and 645AD, according to The That means that those pages could predate the founder of Islam himself, as the dates typically ascribed to the Prophet Mohammad are between 570AD and 632AD.

Pat Privilege-Viral Vigilante Feat. Robert Reyvolt of Incendiary Radio 8/31/2015

Robert Reyvolt joins Pat Privilege on the show to talk about the international Jewish agenda . Robert is certainly a heavy hitter in the world of White Genocide, Jewish exposure, and all forms of Conspiracy. We have a real vigilante fighting the good fight on this episode. Robert has done multiple shows featuring Kyle on Incendiary Radio all worth checking out. Ex military, alternative research expert, and true patriot of freedom, Robert is truly an open book encyclopedia. What you see is what you get, no punches will be pulled for this show and you're sure to get more information than you'll be able to cover before our next show. This is sure to be a blast. Its a shame we'll only have 2 hours. We'll try to cover as much ground as possible in the first hour and start taking calls in the second.               Show-page      


Cops break into wrong home, shoot innocent homeowner, kill his dog, then shoot each other

You couldn't make this stuff up!!
An almost unbelievable tale of police incompetence comes out of Dekalb County Tuesday after police responded to the wrong home on a burglary call.
During the blunder, police officers wrongfully entered a residence as the homeowners, Chris and Leah McKinley and their small child, watched the movie Serendipity on their sofa...

Bro Nathanael—If I Were President

Military Training as Foreign Influence

I'd ask for my Blood-Money back if I was These Africans.
Unlike the US or France, Canada is not a leading military force in Africa. But Ottawa exerts influence through a variety of means including training initiatives.
Canadian Forces have trained hundreds of African soldiers at the Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre in Kingston Ontario and Lester B. Pearson Centre in Nova Scotia. Canadian forces have also directed or participated in a slew of officer training initiatives, running courses in Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Mali among other places.

Are Russians Sending Military Support To Syria? Potential For Conflict With NATO?

If reports coming from YNet News are accurate, the Syrian crisis just became more complex and more dangerous. The report would be great news for the Assad government, however, as it suggests that, in addition to providing Syria with six new MIG 31 jets and providing satellite images with the SAA, the Russians will also be delivering an expeditionary force of Russian soldiers.
If the report is accurate, it represents a dramatic new step by Russia in support of the Assad government and a major step forward for human rights in Syria. However, it is also a move that could potentially result in the direct confrontation between two nuclear powers.
If such a confrontation does result, it is important to remember that it is not the Syrian government nor is it the Russia government who is ultimately responsible. The United States, Israel, Turkey, and NATO have all trained, directed, armed, and supported ISIS/”rebels” since the very beginning of the Syrian crisis and, because of this, it is they who bear the responsibility for the fallout from the terrorist actions and the attempt to support them through military force.
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Petition Calls on Obama to Drink Own Urine During Appearance on Reality Show

Image redacted to protect the guilty! ;)
You kind of have to give it to for publishing this article, if only because it shows the folly that inevitably comes with demeaning the office of the president with cheap pop-culture stunts.
In light of President Obama filming a segment for an upcoming episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls, some wise guy apparently decided to gin up a petition at the White House's official website calling on the Leader of the Free World to drink his own urine during the episode.'s Tony Dokoupil explains:

The left sees only white evil

It's Coming! Which Side Of The Racially Charged Civil War Will *YOU* be on?
The disregard of anti-white hatred as the motive for blacks who murder whites even when the murder is obviously racially motivated comes from the same people who denied that the Islamist Nidal Hasan’s murder of 13 fellow soldiers at Fort Hood was religiously motivated. These people – all on the left – have an agenda: to deny black racism and Islamist-based violence whenever possible. Only white police and other white violence against non-whites is clearly racist – even when not.