November 09, 2014

The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt 2014.11.09

White-Hot Heresy

Kyle does a solo show discussing what it means to be White, the nature of power, belief in our blood, harnessing the energy of the Black Sun, and achieving victory. Calls welcome.

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GMO Food: Battles Lost, War Won, Consciousness Changed

So why are GMO manufacturers some of the first sectors in history that don’t market to the consumer? Furthermore, we have (for the first time in the history of marketing) these same companies fighting (and taking major legal action) at all costs to keep their name and product information off the packaging. In fact, these manufacturers don’t even want their products in the public eye.
Basic marketing classes across the country are feverishly attempting to rewrite their college textbooks to include such underhanded tactics. Professors are struggling to answer students' questions regarding the purpose of such practices. Even big tobacco plastered their name and products all over the world with devilish glee. The US population as a whole is left with one big question mark. Logic and basic marketing principles be damned; the GMO companies attempting to own and patent nature forge ahead with the best product that no one knows where to buy, how to find, or what it really is.
So how are Monsanto, Syngenta, DuPont and other GMO peddlers making all of this money to continue to constantly expand aggressively across the world? The business model is becoming clear:
Step 1: Create a market no one knows about
Step 2: Allow no competition
Step 3: Protect your monopoly through legal action and buy up your competition
It’s clear now that we, the public, must be supporting a large part of this GMO food. Why else would multi-millions be spent by GMO food manufacturers in California, Oregon and Colorado to defeat a simple label on the package that their product is in? I say to Monsanto et al., “Be proud of your products and tout their benefits.” After all, long-term independent studies show they are okay for us to eat…right? 
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Century of the Self

This video was posted a year or so ago, but I thought it deserved a re-post for those who may not have seen it. Century of the Self covers an amazing array of subjects: 
 (Jewish) psychology, Sigmund Freud, his American nephew Edward Bernays, social control through the promotion of consumerism, the 1960's social revolutions and much more. The full video on YouTube has been pulled by the BBC for copyright infringement. However, I found the full version on Vimeo. This documentary is just shy of 4 hours but well worth the time. Lots to learn from this one.

'Century of the Self'  Full length documentary:

(This video takes a bit to load. Be patient it does play)

"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute invisible government, which is the true ruling power in our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of" - Edward Bernays

Spingola Speaks 2014.11.09

James Dolan, featured in The Hidden Enemy talks about the ongoing pharmaceutical assault on military personnel, CCHR      Nice Pic LOL

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Blacklisted Radio 2014.11.08

Blacklisted News Radio is hosted by Doug Owen.

In this episode Doug touches on some of the latest headlines from Blacklisted News. We cover the JP Morgan and HSBC banking scandals revealed this week, and other thoughts and observations from the bunker!


Ken O'Keefe Dares To Say What Others Do Not

Robert Faurisson: The Problem Of Gas Chambers ENG SUB
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Teacher admits he helped write Common Core to end white privilege
*The Dumbing Down of America – By Design
*The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America
*Dad Arrested For Asking Questions At School Meeting
*More Choose Homeschooling Due to Common Core
*Common Core anger triggers homeschooling surge
*Who Controls America?

The International Monetary Fund Lays The Groundwork For Global Wealth Confiscation

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) quietly dropped a bomb in its October Fiscal Monitor Report. Titled “Taxing Times,” the report paints a dire picture for advanced economies with high debts that fail to aggressively “mobilize domestic revenue.” It goes on to build a case for drastic measures and recommends a series of escalating income and consumption tax increases culminating in the direct confiscation of assets.
Yes, you read that right. But don’t take it from me. The report itself says:
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*Usury: Weapon of the International jewish Banking Cartel Families against the world
*Money For People NOT Jewish Bankers 
*Secrets Of Jewish Money Control
*AFP’s Most Viewed Article: Rothschilds Want Iran’s Banks 
*The New Babylon: Those Who Reign Supreme - PDF

Canada’s false flag terror: fingerprints of U.S. involvement

THE “TERRORIST” EVENTS of Wednesday October 22nd in Ottawa and two days earlier in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu bear all the hallmarks of a coordinated cross-border one-two punch false flag operation.
The first, the left jab hit-and-run killing of a Canadian soldier, would be the psychological softening up for the follow-up right cross, the killing of another Canadian soldier in Ottawa. Together they dazed the public to an extent that even the ostentatiously-iconic murder at the National War Memorial alone might not have achieved.
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*jew controlled Canada

Sen. Tim Scott questioned on MSNBC

Shocking Big Pharma SECRETS Reveal Cancer Cover-Up and Drug Deaths!

ADL scum bag questions Jim Rizoli in debate, 2011
ADL scum bag tries to divert town debate to Holocaust issue.
Typical move by these purveyors of HATE.