September 21, 2020

Baby Boomers Gone Wild

    I had a profound experience earlier this morning. I was at the local market talking with a retired Navy guy from the states. He loves to take long walks and told me that he can't breath with his mask on so he had it pulled down below his nose. This other idiot walks up to us and tells me "you need to put a mask on!" and tells the other guy " pull your mask up over your nose.!"

"You are flushing civilization as we know it down the toilet but you're too stupid to see it, old man. No fool like an old fool!"

"These masks protect us all. My mask protects you, your mask protects me. We all need to do this until it is over" (This especially plugged me in because it is the exact phrasing that he heard on TV.)

"When is that going to be? When do you think this will be over?"

"Well, we don't know."

"Ahhh, so if it goes on another year or 5 years or 10  then you will comply, right?"

He looked at me with confusion and bewilderment. He had that glazed look over his eyes like the programming was kicking in to resist and disregard anything I would say.

"Look, pal....this isn't over until our overlords say its over. It's not over until they unveil the new system. A system where you will be a slave."

He started laughing at me and chortled "Great, then I will be the leader of this new system."

"No - you will be a slave. Remember what I told you today. I know you won't forget it. One day you will know I was right but it will be too late by then. Now beat your feet - get out of here and mind your own fucking business."

Then he tried to tell me all of the bogus facts and figures he had heard on TV...200,000 dead in America blah blah blah. 

I interrupted him:

"This is all a scam and a hoax to force this new system upon us all. Now get your ass home and hide under your bed in a fetal position so you can be safe!"

He wasn't laughing anymore and I know he thought I was crazy as a shit house rat but at least I rattled his cage a little. A few minutes later two older women walked up to me and said "We know you are right but we didn't want to get involved." I thanked them but urged them to speak their minds in the future.

I know this post will be down the memory hole in a day or two but just wanted to relate what happened and see if anyone out there has had a similar experience....

I was like the crazy lunatic on the street yelling at people - lol

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Thanks Zeebra