July 14, 2014

Israeli Interior Minister: “The Goal of the Operation Is to Send Gaza Back to the Middle Ages”, “Destroying All the Infrastructure Including Roads and Water”

Destroying civilian infrastructure is – of course – a war crime under the Geneva Convention.
The following are also war crimes under the Geneva Convention:
  • The indiscriminate or disproportionate use of force
  • Collective punishment for the acts of a few
  • Targeting civilians
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  • Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.07.14

    Charles starts the show by commenting on a Diane Sawyer clip in which she makes it sound as if Israel is the victim of the bombings. Charles then exposes televangelists but mostly discusses Billy Graham.

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    David Duke Show 2014.07.14

    Dr. David Duke has a moving broadcast today on the massive slaughter of the Palestinians by the Jewish supremacists. He shows how the lying Jewish-controlled media is completely distorting the whole truth about the Jewish racist, tribalist ethnic cleansing of the Mideast. He also shows the incredible hypocrisy of groups like the ADL calling upon Obama to "accept the stranger" by taking in the thousands of children dumped over our border from other nations, while at the same time won't let hundreds of thousands of Palestinians return to the lands and homes and cities stolen from them by the Zionists, and now mass murders them! Dr. Duke calls for freedom for Palestine and also for freedom from every Western nation of the Jewish Zionist occupation of our politics, media and banking institutions! Great Show! Share it!

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    Israelis pictured eating POPCORN and clapping as they watch deadly bombardment of Gaza

    This is the incendiary picture of Israelis eating popcorn and cheering as they watch the bombardment of Gaza which has sparked outrage on Twitter.

    The photograph was tweeted Danish journalist Allan Sørensen, the Middle East Correspondent for a Danish newspaper.

    Along with the picture he wrote: “Sderot cinema: Israelis bringing chairs 2 hilltop in sderot 2 watch latest from Gaza. Clapping when blasts are heard.”

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     Israel drops cancer-inducing bombs on Gazans

    Israel is a open wound on this planet, and the sick people running this scam depend on leaving it open to fester and grow cancerous and spread to it's neighbors.

    Daryl Bradford Smith's The French Connection 7/12/2014

    Daryl Bradford Smith interviews Muhammad Rafeeq.

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    Adolf Hitler on Racism

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    How Bilderberg Works: An Institutional Analysis

    James Corbett, Guillermo Jimenez and Dan Dicks shine a light on the murky world of secret societies and clandestine gatherings of the world's elite. We focus our discussion on the Bilderberg Group: what it is, who attends, how it's structured, how it's evolved, and why it's significant.

    Zionists dominance over media : fact or faction?

    The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post are Zionist-controlled. The New York Times (NYT) owner and publisher is Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr a jewish-origin Zionist. The Washington Post (WP) is owned by Graham Holdings Company, descendents of the late Eugene Meyer --Zionist jew who avoided identification as a Jew until later in life(including Chairman and CEO Donald E. Graham, his sister Lally Weymouth, and the beneficiaries of various family trusts) collectively control the company. While Wall Street Jounal (WSJ) is owned by the well known Zionist billionaire Rupert Murdoch.
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    No Agenda Episode 634 - "Rough Patch" - 2014.07.13

    The Fix Is In; Deutschland Blitzkrieg!; NWO; Magic Numbers; Vaccine$; Israel / Palestine; F-Russia / Ukraine / Syria; Agenda 21; War on Ca$h; Gamefying Amateur Radio; Shut Up Slave!; Hillary 2016; AFRIKA; King of the Tics; Internet Freedom; SnowJob; EUROLand; Afghanistan; Iraq; GAS; SDR; Chiner$; NA-Tech; PedoBear; Haiti,and all your usual Listening whilst having an appendectomy favourites.

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    The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt 2014.07.13

    Alternative Solutions for European Problems

    Kyle is joined by Lana Lokteff from Red Ice Creations for a discussion of her experiences growing up, the factors that helped shape her worldview, her work with Radio 3Fourteen, how she thinks Europe can be rescued from foreign domination, and what her ideal society would look like.

    Biography: Lana was born of Russian American ancestry. Ever since she can remember, she has been interested in the mysterious and the unexplainable. Because of her interest in metaphysical concepts, Lana majored in physics and minored in philosophy hoping to find the bridge between the two worlds, only to become disappointed by the accepted curriculum. Lana left school to pursue an artistic path in music, film and writing. Today, she is the hostess of Radio 3Fourteen and Contributor to Red Ice Creations. Currently, she is manufacturing an organic clothing line for men and women called Lana’s Llama that will be available online this fall.

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