July 28, 2019

No Agenda Episode 1159 - "Showly" - 2019.07.28


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The Frankfurt School

Boris Johnson Shows His True Colours

As Boris Johnson has just moved into Number Ten he has enacted a sweeping cabinet purge. Seventeen of the Ministers appointed by Theresa May have been asked to stand down or been sacked.

Johnson is now replacing them with loyalists and like-minded Brexiters.

Sajid Javid is the new Chancellor of the Exchequer and Dominic Raab will takeover as Foreign Secretary.

However, one appointment resonates rather ominously. Disgraced former International Development Secretary, Pritti Patel, has now been appointed as Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s new Home Secretary.

While we would not argue with Patel’s position on migration and asylum, we do have misgivings about her on one thing.


TheAntiTerrorist on Playing to Win - Part 1

The Political Cesspool With James Edwards 2019.07.27

By January 1, 2008, The Political Cesspool Radio Program had long-since skyrocketed to stardom and become the most courageous political talk show in America. How did that happen? You ask five guys and you’ll get five different answers, but they all start in Memphis, Tennessee, during the summer of 2004…

Download Hour 1 - Hosts James Edwards and Keith Alexander talk about the most recent hate hoaxes and related matters.

Download Hour 2 - Guest: Brother Nathanael Kapner – Brother Nathanael, a Jewish convert to Orthodox Christianity, has become a YouTube sensation because of his willingness to deliver frank commentaries on certain “taboo” issues. He’s back this hour to catch us up on his latest work and tackle some of the most concerning issues of our time.

Download Hour 3 - Brother Nathanael overdrive and guest: Sonny Thomas – Sonny Thomas is host of The Sonny Thomas Show and the founder of Resolution Radio, an affiliate network which also airs TPC.

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