September 16, 2016

Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2016.09.16

Ken O'Keefem, Eric Walberg, Cynthia McKinney live on Truth Jihad Radio!

First segment of hour one: Ken O'Keefe joins Kevin and they discusses Ken's latest problems.

Second segment of hour one: Geopolitics expert Eric Walberg emailed Kevin wondering about "predictive programming" during the run-up to 9/11. He's not impressed by the famous Simpsons 9/11 image, but the Lone Gunman episode about remote-hijacked jetliners crashing into the Trade Towers got his attention. He is coming around on 9/11 truth, at least to the point of admitting that WTC-7 is indeed a "smoking gun."

Second hour guest: Six-term congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, a 9/11 skeptic from the get-go, may be America's most courageous and honest political voice. Tonight Kevin plans to ask her whether the truth movement should unite behind the Green Party ticket of Jill Stein and frequent Truth Jihad Radio guest Ajamu Baraka.

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False Flag Weekly News with Kevin Barrett and Prof. Tony Hall 2016.09.16

It’s a False Flag World Out There

Special Guest Today: Rafiq

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2016.09.16

Charles continues his discussion about how giants were killed off because they would not bow down.

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David Duke Show 2016.09.16

Dr. Duke and Mark Collett of the UK Chart the Path of White Revolution and Renaissance!

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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2016.09.15

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Dr. Henry L. Niman, PhD - Zika Spreading Fast

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Fernando Faura & Jim Marrs - The RFK Assassination

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - James Fetzer - What Is Going On With Hillary?

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