January 26, 2016

Blast From The Past: Jim Keith and Jeff Rense - Mind Control - Mass Control

Before the Jeff Rense show, there was Sightings. Here is a blast from the past c. 1997. Jim Keith is interviewed by a very polite, non-interruping Jeff Rense. 

Jim Keith is best known for the books Black Helicopters Over America and The Octopus, co-written with Kenn Thomas, which details conspiracy theories around the death of reporter Danny Casolaro. The book is based on the notes of Danny Casolaro, who reportedly killed himself, although Keith and Thomas examine the case for foul play in their book. Jim Keith also died under strange circumstances from a minor injury in 1999.

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Hoax Lie

Documentary that de-constructs The Jewish Lie Of The "Holocaust" - Apologies for the narrators "Robo-Voice", but Given the extent of "Hate-Speech" Laws In Australia, no one should be surprised that the producer wouldn't wish to use his real voice. This doesn't detract from the facts he presents. Show to your Jew-Believing Friends when they attempt to defend The Holohoax as Historical fact. It is Nothing Of the Sort.