October 15, 2017

The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt 2017.10.15

Kyle Hunt received his Bachelor of Arts in psychology and theater, worked briefly in Silicon Valley, and then became involved in the alternative media in 2008. Over the years he has covered topics such as symbolism, mythology, occultism, spirituality, paganism, racial realities, revisionist history, politics, and anything else that might pique his interest. Kyle is best known for hosting a popular online radio show, founding Renegade Broadcasting, and leading the controversial 2014 White Man March in an effort to raise awareness concerning the ongoing genocide of European people across the world. In short, Kyle is a man on a mission.

Sofia Smallstorm – Restoring Natural Health

Kyle speaks to Sofia Smallstorm about many health related issues, including the importance of magnesium, iodine, clean cleaning products, sunscreen, the work of Dr. Bush and the role of having a diverse gut microbiome, grounding outdoors, and more. Sofia’s stores are: Avatar Products, Survival Mode Store, and Flat Earth Minerals.

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Build a PC powerful enough for gaming .. for $400!

Published on Aug 20, 2017

Watching a video of a $5000 PC build is fun. Buying (or building) it is a totally different story unless you have money to burn. For those of us who don't get our parts for free, Kyle from Bitwit shows us how to price out some new PC gear. Good grief, that case is ugly.

Christopher Bollyn Embarrasses Angry Jew During Q&A


No Agenda Episode 973 - "Exit on the Floor" - 2017.10.15


A View From Space October 14th 2017

The Spaceman goes deeper into today’s headlines than anyone else dares to go.


Talk Radio AM 640 Toronto

A View from the Bog

The Covert Report with Susan Lindauer 2017.10.15

As a U.S. Intelligence Asset, Susan Lindauer covered anti-terrorism at the Iraqi Embassy in New York from 1996 up to the invasion. Independent sources have confirmed that she gave advance warning about the 9/11 attack. She also started talks for the Lockerbie Trial with Libyan diplomats. Shortly after requesting to testify before Congress about successful elements of Pre-War Intelligence, Lindauer became one of the first non-Arab Americans arrested on the Patriot Act as an "Iraqi Agent". She was accused of warning her second cousin, White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card and Secretary of State Colin Powell that War with Iraq would have catastrophic consequences. Gratis of the Patriot Act, her indictment was loaded with "secret charges" and "secret evidence." She was subjected to one year in prison on Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth, Texas without a trial or hearing, and threatened with indefinite detention and forcible drugging to shut her up. After five years of indictment without a conviction or guilty plea, the Justice Department dismissed all charges five days before President Obama’s inauguration.

Synopsis here

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Radio Wehrwolf 2017.10.15

Special Edition

On this special edition of Radio Wehrwolf James Stillwell and Brett Stevens talk about James Stillwell's philosophy and book *Power Nihilism: A Case for Moral & Political Nihilism*.

Dion's Note: This episode should of came out and been listened to before the Radio Wehrwolf episode titled Nihilist Utopia. I believe this is a introductory podcast to that one. Due to the time restraints of the multipule podcasts being recorded and produced this week, that didn't happen. My apologies.

Radio Wehrwolf

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