November 24, 2014

Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson Not Indicted In Michael Brown Shooting

Michael Brown's Family react to the news...
CLAYTON, Mo. -- A grand jury has decided not to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson for killing 18-year-old Michael Brown, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch announced Monday.
McCulloch said members of the jury met for 25 days and heard over 70 hours of testimony from over 60 witnesses before reaching their decision. He confirmed Wilson had fired 12 shots at Brown, who was unarmed.
Brown's Aug. 9 death sparked massive demonstrations in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson and a national conversation on race and law enforcement.

Texe Marrs Podcast 11/21/2014 - Hellstorm-When Satan and His Devils Came Down to Earth and It was Better to be Dead than Alive

Remember the "good war" fought by the "best generation" against the evil Nazis? You know, the war the Hollywood movies keep telling us that was fought for "democracy" and "our way of life?" Well, Thomas Goodrich gives us the real story about the crimes of our jew controlled leaders and their pals, the Russian communists. He points out the millions of innocent men, women, and children tortured, raped, slaughtered, and starved to death after their surrender. You'll see what it meant to be a pitiless German POW, cold, suffering and dying from malnutrition behind the barbed wire of an American camp. See the wretched people of burned-out cities. Discover the dark secrets kept from us for far too long. And learn of the "Morgenthau Plan"-the Jewish plan for almost total annihilation of innocent German men, women, and children, a Plan lustily approved by Roosevelt and carried out ruthlessly by war criminal and monster, General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Here is the real history of a war in which the demons laughed and the losers begged daily to be allowed to die. Amazing True History. *Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany 1944 – 1947 book sample, free PDF*
*Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947, FULL BOOK
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“The Rothschilds…stand ready, at all times, to lend money in unlimited amounts to those robbers and murderers, who call themselves governments, to be expended in shooting down those who do not submit quietly to being robbed and enslaved.” -Lysander Spooner, 1870

…In Europe, the nominal rulers, the emperors and kings and parliaments, are anything but the real rulers of their respective countries. They are little or nothing else than mere tools, employed by the wealthy to rob, enslave, and (if need be) murder those who have less wealth, or none at all.
The Rothschilds, and that class of money-lenders of whom they are the representatives and agents – men who never think of lending a shilling to their next-door neighbors, for purposes of honest industry, unless upon the most ample security, and at the highest rate of interest – stand ready, at all times, to lend money in unlimited amounts to those robbers and murderers, who call themselves governments, to be expended in shooting down those who do not submit quietly to being robbed and enslaved.
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Spingola and Friends 11/24/2014

Deanna's guests are Wayne from Canada and Christopher Sandau who has been vilified in the jew controlled Canadian media in jew controlled Canada and falsely accused of being a “Neo-Nazi.”           Show-page
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The New Babylon - PDF
Who Controls America?


David Duke Show 2014.11.24

First Dr. Duke asks the questions: What kind of nation would send billions of dollars to a nation that has made terrorist attacks against it such as Israel has in Lavon Affair, admitted by the Israeli Government? What kind of nation would send billions and the most advanced military equipment to a nation, such as Israel that attacked its own naval ship and killed 34 Americans on board and wounded 173…an attack America's secretary of State called a purposeful terrorist attack upon America? What kind of nation would send billions of dollars and the most advanced weaponry on Earth to a nation like Israel which committed the most damaging spying in American history, done by Israel and its spy Jonathan Pollard? Answer: of course only an occupied nation, a nation whose policies are dictated by a tiny minority against the best interests of the vast 98 percent non-Jewish population!

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No Agenda Episode 672 - "Taboose" - 2014.11.23

TODAY; Book Recommendation; Immigration; MIC; F-Russia; SnowJob; Agenda 21; EuroLand; Moral Self Licensing; Uber HitJob; War on Crazy; NA-Tech News; Bank$ters; Shut Up Slave!; CYBER!; Vaccine$, and all your usual listening whilst watching American Cops executing 12 year old boys for carrying Toy Gun favourites.

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Interview: Michael Collins Piper on JFK
*John Fitzgerald Kennedy(May 29, 1917 – Nov. 22, 1963)

6 Examples That Show Doctors are Puppets for Vaccine Manufacturers

Manufacturers hide information from doctors about ingredients and conceal their sinister plans for vaccine production so that doctors will continue to feel comfortable recommending vaccines. Doctors have no possibility whatsoever of knowing the complete composition of vaccines, nor do health authorities – or, in fact, anyone else.
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