January 03, 2019

About my three day party (update)

I'll be posting the shows that are missing in a few hours. I have a hangover and have to go shovel snow.

Fetcho will be on a plane soon so Paul English will be doing the show in his place. Michael Goodrich his the planned guest. I also have the Davis Lurmann Tuesday show which has an extra hour and a half. 

Please be patient. I will post them all.

PS. Archive.org's numbers are not reliable. Yesterday I went to the John Friend's account and copied and pasted the 145 views to Fetcho on Skype for his Saturday show. When I refreshed the page today it was 104 Views. Not only did they block me from uploading to my account a few months back but now they are playing with the "Jew numbers". 

From Fetch on Skype: "425 for End of Year Show - could have sworn it was 489 earlier today"

Fetcho went down to 301

That show has much more downloads because it is uploaded at 4Sync.

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2019.01.01

Brizer's guests: Karin Smith and Schalk van der Merwe, John Kaminski, Paul English, Frederic C Blackburn, Monika Schaefer, Dennis Wise, Chris Wright, Patricia Aiken, Jan Lamprecht

Graham Hart - Hoax Train.mp3

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3rd Temple End Times Prophecy UPDATES...

Nice touch, holding that coin up like it's a communion wafer.  Just me, or does Trump's bloated and sagging face on that coin stand out as a stark example of how far we've fallen?