Marc Stevens - Delusions

Marc Stevens talking at the 2009 New Hampshire Liberty Forum, this video is a eye opener.

Stick to only the facts, stay on point, document and verify the obligation...

 Marc's book  Adventures In Legal Land By Mark Stevens.pdf is a must read IMO.

Marc's friend  Paraniod Patriot wrote a great book called As King: A Simple Guide to Autonomous Living.pdf (35 pgs) is another great read.

Marc Stevens - Owning An IRS Lawyer

"This is from a pretrial conference recorded on Dec. 15, 2010; everyone knew I was recording..." - Marc Stevens

..."The only edits made are bleeping the client's name, the attorney's fax number and I had to amplify some of the audio of me speaking."

Bureaucrats never ask permission to aggress against someone or their property. They "presume' that they already have your permission and you have to shoot down these presumptions of "juisdiction" over you.

When bureaucrats and their paid thieves (Attorneys) are questioned they loose their friggin mind and their case! 

This bitch is actually saying that her "only witness" against the victim in this case, is a "administrative file" and thats all she needs to steal his property!

NOTE: The recording had very load annoying beeps to block out the victims name, and I cut them out as best I could, so it may sound choppy, but it's better then the beeps.

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The National Intel Report with John Stadtmiller 2004.10.06

Guests: Marc Stevens talks about his adventures in legal land.

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