December 16, 2012

Truth Militia Radio 2012.12.16

On this episode of Truth Militia Radio we will discuss the horrific events in CT. This is what happens when you let Jews run your country. They’ve degenerated everything, they’ve destroyed everything that’s beautiful, they’ve poisoned the minds of our people, and now we’re seeing the results. We'll also discuss the Race issue, the Labor struggle, and respond to some of the negative/pessimistic attitudes from last week. Radio Show Chatbox.

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Whistle (Flo Rida) Drum Cover by David Silva

This guy kicks ass. DavidSilvaMusic

The Piper Report 2012.12.16

Good Piper show covering the rat faced Jews running Dallas and their murder of JFK. Description by Nickdonin.

Mike Piper



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Deconstructions Live with Mike Sledge 2012.12.16

Having a boring Sunday? Well...tune into Deconstructions Live for some info, conversation, and some laughs. One more beer and Mike Sledge will take on the whole establishment single-handedly. He will bring down the hammer on shills, media propaganda, and even himself. So join the Deconstruction and get hammered with Mike Sledge!

On Today's show: Sharp words and a Whiskey bottle.


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The Right To Keep And Bear Arms

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The Esoteric Hour with The Fetch 2012.12.16

The Esoteric Hour with "The Fetch" is an entertaining hour or more of Western esoteric history, philosophy, tradition, and knowledge as viewed from one of the leading Hermetic Qaballists of our time.

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Websites: illuminatusobservor.blogspot   inside the eye live


READ ARTICLE: Mass Killings Stopped by Armed Citizens

The Victory Hour with Max French Dec 15, 2012

Max is joined by Egeria from Rome, Italy.
Discussed is her timely intelligence report on the post-war ‘order’ of Europe, present trends and the inevitable mass uprising of Europe and the world against supremacist Jewry.


Renegade Unchained 2012.12.15

Hosts and callers freely discuss a variety of issues. A new sponsor is announced?

Renegade Broadcasting

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