The Wally Butterworth Collection

Herbert Wallace Wally Butterworth was an American radio announcer and host of a variety of quiz shows. In the early 60s Butterworth lost a lawsuit with GE over a contract for a television quiz show and this subsequently caused him to become politically active.

Initially on radio and later by way of phonograph records Butterworth created programs educating the American people about the issues of the day, namely how the Jews were destroying the United States. Butterworth worked with both the Georgia based National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and Robert Sheltons UKA.

Individual Files

American Legion of California Brands Council on Foreign Relations a Subversive Organization 28.7 MB
CFR Tax Free Foundations Running our Youth with One-World Government Propaganda 31.2 MB
Civil Rights America's Funeral Service 28.9 MB
Goodbye Silver Hail the New One Dollar Bill 30.7 MB
Guns to Arm Your Homes Against Communist-led Negro Riots 32.2 MB
How To Deliver the Knockout Punch to Federal Judges 23.6 MB
Indecent, Untruthful Textbooks in Schools 63.0 MB
James Meredith - Taxpayers 25 Million Dollar Negro 30.8 MB
Join the Ku Klux Klan Recruitment LP 66.9 MB
Just Who Killed President Kennedy 33.8 MB
Kosher Food Blackmail of America Housewives 26.1 MB
Mental Health-Railroading Christians to the Nut Factory Without Trial By Jury 34.2 MB
Negro Crime and Disease in the United States 22.4 MB
Phoney Federal Reserve Money 32.7 MB
Pocket Size Sex-smut Books to Destroy Christian Children 29.5 MB
Real Life Mockingbird Discusses Integration 30.1 MB
Traitors Disarm USA For One World Government 33.0 MB
UNESCO Sex in our Public Schools 26.8 MB

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