February 21, 2013

Down and Out Radio With Mike Sledge 2013.02.21

Tonight’s broadcast will be about the future of movements, nationalism, conspiracy, the new nationalist front. I will be discussing “National Protectionism” as a possible future political movement for this country. The futurist nationalist agenda for cultural survival. Technology, borders, language, and the ushering in of a new political structure. This broadcast will be about moving forward with the new, and the final curtain call of the old philosophies of Judaism, Marxism and the old world order.
Note: Great inspiring words from Mike. Another good one. I think he was JFK in his previous life. LMAO.
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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2013.02.21

Completion of the KKK discussion.

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David Duke Show 2013.02.21

Today: Dr. Patrick Slattery and Professor Kevin MacDonald filled in for Dr. Duke, who was on the road. They discussed the Jewish preponderance at Harvard and other Ivy League schools, which comes despite a collapse in Jewish academic performance over recent years. In fact, non-Jewish whites at elite schools have much higher academic achievement than Jewish students, yet are still thirty times less likely to be admitted. They also discussed the deliberate strategy of lumping together census, income, and other data of Jews and non-Jewish whites in order to hide or disguise widespread Jewish privilege. Professor MacDonald explained that despite a well publicized but now discredited report to the contrary, Jews do mainly marry within their groups, and Jewish couples tend to have more children than mixed couples. Finally, Professor MacDonald noted a decline in measured IQ levels in the Jewish population and discussed a possible link to high Orthodox birth rates.

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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2013.02.20

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Devvy Kidd - The War On Our Republic

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Charles R. Smith - Did Russia Intercept The Meteor?

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Richard Lambertus - The Economy

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Spingola Speaks 2013.02.21

Guest: Dr. Jennifer Daniels, the the author of Do You Have the Guts to Be Beautiful?, talks about the health insurance racket and why it is dangerous to everyone's health

Previous show: Wednesday, 2/6: Dr. Jennifer Daniels talks about screening mammograms

Both of these shows are well worth a listen, and would be good to pass on to friends and family

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Hitler's Shadow - In the Service of the Fuehrer

The personal story of Karl Wilhelm Krause. He was the valet. of the Fuehrer from 1934 to 1939, and was also responsible for his personal safety and security. Through his daily contact with Adolf Hitler, and those of his most intimate circle, both in his public life, as well as, inside the Fuehrer's private quarters, no one had access like Herr Krause. Nor was anyone ever in a better position to observe Hitler; his personal habits, character, and demeanor, and to assess his social interactions with average citizens, employees, friends and colleagues, public figures, academics, leaders of industry, as well as, with foreign leaders and dignitaries. In this one and only interview, recorded on camera in the early 90s, Herr Krause testifies of his duties, his daily routine, and what he saw, heard and experienced, while in the constant presence of, and service to, the leader of the The Third Reich. Hitler called him "mein Schatten" (my shadow).

Mark Dankof’s America Feb 20, 2013

Mark Dankof is joined by Dr. Adrian Krieg of A to Z Publications and the America 3rd Position Party.

Mark opens the show with his new feature, “Is There Any Truth to the Rumor That . . .?” and the News Summary.

Among the items of interest to be covered by the Dankof/Krieg Brain Trust is the article sent to Mark by Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich of the Walter Annenberg School of International Diplomacy at the University of Southern California: The Tablet Magazine: A New Read on Jewish Life essay entitled, “How Anti-Judaism is at the Heart of Western Culture,” by Adam Kirsch.




Keith Johnson's Revolt of the Plebs Broadcast Feb 19

Violent media programming creating the Breiviks and Adam Lanzas of the world–the ULTIMATE ‘conspiracy theory’ that very few are willing to embrace.