May 30, 2021

Update From Zap


 I needed a break from all this fucking bullshit but it didn't work. No enclosure for White straight men.

I'm not shiting you. Everyone I know took the "vaccine" including my mom. Up here in Qu├ębec, they had us all under curfew for nearly five months. We are still in the made up "red zone" but the curfew was lifted last Friday. 

Small businesses are dying of course because they are deemed not essential. Well, isn't that special? 

I could go on and on but I'm too angry to keep writing.

In any case, I will be updating the shows tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. Sorry for not posting that usual bullshit on time.

For some reason, I'm thinking of a Charles Giuliani quote: 

"Fuck You! And the camel that you rode in on."

Mr Cheswick's Coronavirus parody version of Creep by Radiohead - YT Title: Sheep (C*r*n*v*r*s Song)