September 30, 2014

Israel willing to see US, Russia at war

James Traficant on the IRS
On the floor of the House just before they voted to expel him, Rep. James Traficant took time out from his defense to express his views on the IRS.

The Realist Report with John Friend 2014.09.30

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Robert Ransdell, a write-in candidate for Senate in the state of Kentucky. Robert and I will be discussing his background, his campaign, and why, as his campaign slogan states, with Jews, we lose.

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David Duke Show 2014.09.30

Dr. David Duke has a great opening of today's show on a major article by journalist Steve Sailer who discusses the absolute need for criticism of Jewish racist tribalism and how the Jewish hegemony in press and politics represses true thought, and the true interests of the majority of the American people. Also included in the discussion is the the fact that Americans and Europeans and people all over the world are relentlessly saturated by Jewish extremist pundits and media bosses who present a biased Jewish supremacist view of the world, and almost always their Jewish pedigree and Zionist bias is not exposed for the viewers and readers of the Zio controlled media. A great discussion which is also joined by Dr. Slattery who offers some background on Sailer and shows how misguided globalism ends up harming independent nations and people's all over the world. Dr. Duke ties it all in showing how the Jewish dominated media is not only relevant to the Mideast insanity, but also pertinent to many issues of vital importance to the domestic affairs of every nation, such as the control of politics, academia, media and International Finance that is often harmful the people of those nations. Great show, share it with you your friends and loved ones

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.09.30

Guest: Kentucky Senate candidate: Robert Ransdell . Slogan: "With Jews We Lose". (3 callers)

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US Bombs Syrian Oil Refineries To Prevent Assad From Retaking Them

Libya 2.0? US Says 'No-Fly Zone' Over Syria A Possibility.

In what is more proof that the NATO operation against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is merely Libya 2.0, the Obama administration is now stating that it is open to the possibility of establishing a “no-fly zone” over Syria.
The statements, made by both Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and General Martin E. Dempsey, are supposed to hinge upon an agreement with Turkey, that is itself calling for a “buffer zone,” one of the wishes of NATO since the very beginning of the Syrian crisis.
A “buffer zone” and/or a “no-fly zone,” of course, is tantamount to war and an open military assault against the sovereign secular government of Syria since the implementation of such a zone would require airstrikes against Assad’s air defense systems.
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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2014.09.29

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The Big Top: Nick Spero & Charles Giuliani 2014.09.29

Nick from Circus Maximus hosts the wildcard and has Charles Giuliani as his guest.
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Did the Fed Steal Ukraine's Gold?

Putin Outlaws Jewish Holocaust Denial
Article: President Putin signs law criminalizing nazi revisionist tactics
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Fluoride Officially Classified as a Neurotoxin in World’s Most Prestigious Medical Journal

Sodium fluoride in drinking water has also been linked to various cancers.

 It is functionally different than the naturally-occurring calcium fluoride, and commonly added to drinking water supplies and used by dentists and in dental products who posit that it is useful for dental health.

Currently, fluoride is added to water supplies across much of North America, but as this list of countries that ban or reject water fluoridation shows, the practice is actually not too common, or banned entirely throughout most of Europe and in several other developed nations across the world.          ***Read full article here***

Jim Traficant | "Israel has used us like a whore!"