October 18, 2015

The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt 2015.10.18

The State of the Struggle

Kyle discusses the current state of our struggle, why we need to stay focused and fearless, and how we can bring the fight to a new level. Horus the Avenger from White Rabbit Radio comes on in hour 2 to talk about current events and his new podcast “This Week in #WhiteGenocide”.

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Migrant Crisis and Invasion of Europe Exposed


Patricia Aiken's Sacred Cow BBQ podcast 10/15/2015

Patricia interviews NSA Whistleblower, Frederick C. Blackburn(Blackbird9).

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Expert, Eric Draitser comments, Syrian army takes back areas from militants in east & north


Stephen Lendman: "U.S. offers full support for Israel's murdering of Palestinians"


The Covert Report with Susan Lindauer 2015.10.18

Guest: James Perloff

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Texe Marrs Podcast 10/9/2015 - America and Israel Strangle the World

Texe Marrs reports: America and Israel Strangle the World—Russia, China, and a Few Others Fight Back.

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U.S. Warns Russia Of “Reprisal Attacks” … Russia Foils Attempted “Reprisal Attacks”

It is thus a very interesting “coincidence” that, so soon after Carter’s remarks, Russia would indeed face “reprisal attacks” within its own borders.
It is also interesting to note that Carter would suggest that facing “reprisal attacks” from ISIS would be reason to abstain from fighting the terror organization, since his argument is precisely the opposite when arguing for other NATO countries to join in the phony bombing campaign in Syria and Iraq.
It is widely known amongst informed circles that the United States and NATO intelligence along with the GCC and Israel control and maintain terrorist networks across the globe, including in and surrounding Russia. This fact alone is a partial reason that Russia has become involved in Syria to begin with in order to prevent terror attacks and NATO-backed terrorist proxies from marching on Moscow in the same way they did on Tripoli and Damascus.
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The Death of Europe | European Migrant Crisis