March 20, 2014

Tel Aviv regime backs Syria militants

The Israeli commander said the militants provide Israeli spy agents with information on the identity and medical condition of the wounded militants.
In February, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paid a visit to a secret field hospital in the occupied Golan Heights, which offers medical services to the injured militants coming in from Syria.

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Radio Free Northwest 3.20.2014

HAC gives a young White man career advice and expounds on street-walking and blackout-breaking, we hear from a new migrant in Idaho, Lord Lucan talks about an American labor party, and Olivia analyzes the kosher food racket


David Duke Show 2014.03.20

Today: Dr. David Duke reveals the rising American consciousness of the Zionist control of our foreign policy and involvement of wars that so damage America, then he goes into some new aspects of the original Protocols of Zion and some of the insights and documentation in his new book, the Illustrated Protocols of Zion. He has an amazing quote from Dr. Johan Galtung internationally honored peace human rights advocate who advocates people to read the Protocols. Then Dr. Slattery joins the show and discusses what all this means in the Jewish community at large and how even the few Jews who oppose some aspects of Zionism tend to support the Jewish privilege and racism of the Jewish masters of media, academia, banking and politics. Great Show! Share it!

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Oath Made to Uphold the Law, No Matter Who's Breaking It says Mike Flanders, Border Patrol

Call the Border Patrol's Campo Station: (619) 938-8700 Tell them you stand with Mike Flanders

Crimes Against Germans When WW2 Ended
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The merciless revenge perpetrated on the entire German civilian population of Eastern Europe during the closing stages of the war, and for many months after, took the lives of over 2,100,000 ethnic German men, women and children. For generations these Germans had lived and toiled in areas that today are part of central and Eastern Europe. Around fifteen million of these Volksdeutsche were driven from their homes and ancestral lands in Poland, East Prussia, Silesia, Ukraine, Belarus and Serbia and forced back into the Allied occupied zones of Germany. This was the greatest forcible evacuation of people in European history. It is estimated that of the eight million Germans expelled from Poland around 1,600,000 died in the process. In Czechoslovakia, memories of the Lidice massacre inspired acts of revenge against German soldiers and civilians. Soldiers were disarmed, tied to stakes, doused with petrol and set alight. Wounded German soldiers in hospital were shot in their beds, others were hung up on lamposts in Wenzell Square and fires were lit beneath them so that they died the gruesome death of being roasted alive. These ethnic Germans lived in fear of the Russians but no one thought that the dreadful fate which awaited them would not even emanate from the Soviets at all but from their own neighbours, the Czechs!
Thousands of innocent German residents were murdered in their homes by the Czechs, others were forced into interment camps where they were beaten and maltreated before being expelled. Bishop Beranek of Prague declared: 'If a Czech comes to me and confesses to having killed a German, I absolve him immediately'. The Americans, utterly blind to the political consequences of allowing the Soviets to liberate Czechoslovakia, halted at the Karlsbad-Pilsen-Budweis line. The Sudeten Germans now had no protection from the torrent of bestiality vented on them by the Czechs. In Brno, 25,000 German civilians were forced marched at gun-point to the Austrian border. There, the Austrian guards refused them entry, the Czech guards refused to re-admit them. Herded into an open field they died by the hundreds from hunger and cold before being rescued by the US 16th Tank Division on May 8th 1945. In the Russian occupied zones of Eastern Europe and in Germany, hundreds of thousands of civilian men and women, Poles, Czechs, Romanians and Germans, were transported to the Urals in the Soviet Union and used as slave labourers until released in the late 40s. Mostly ignored by the world's press, the unimaginable suffering experienced by the expellees is largely unknown outside Germany, yet it was systematically carried out in a brutal fashion as official Allied policy in accordance with the decisions formulated at Yalta and Potsdam.
Around the small Bavarian village of Postberg (Postoloprty) in the province of Saazerland on the Bavarian-Czech border, hundreds of German men, women and children were shot to death during the Czech 'ethnic cleansing'. All German civilian residents in the province were rounded up by Czech soldiers and communist partisans and marched to a collection point in Postberg. There they were interned and beaten, many were executed. On September 17, 1947, a number of mass graves were discovered in and around Postberg. Thirty-four bodies were found in the village itself, another four nearby at Weinberg and twenty-six in an old sandpit at Schuladen. At Lewanitzer, 349 corpses were unearthed and another 103 bodies were exhumed from another mass grave. Ten corpses were found in a sand pit at Kreuz along with another 225 bodies in a mass grave at the local school.
At the military barracks five bodies were found and seven were buried under house No. 74. During investigations only one Czech, Vojtech Cerny, admitted to participating in the shooting and killing of four Germans. In all, a total of 763 Germans were murdered. A law, passed by the Czech authorities (The Benesch law: No115/1946) stated that all Czech crimes against Germans were not legible to penalty.

Wealth Transfer JEW Schemes

Wall Street and its Washington cronies would like you to believe that the ongoing financial crisis is based on nothing more than bad judgment calls by otherwise well-meaning Wall Street titans.  Don’t believe it.  The following articles explore the trail of corruption.
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Leo Tolstoy: Beware Your Contradictions

Tolstoy's new, simpler life was not, however, without its struggles and contradictions. Apart from the fact that he preached universal love yet was constantly fighting with his wife, the apostle of equality was never able to fully abandon his wealth and privileged lifestyle, and lived till old age in a grand house with servants. When he mooted the idea of giving away his estate to the peasants, his wife and children were furious, and he eventually backed down. But in the early 1890s he managed, against their wishes, to relinquish copyright to a huge portion of his literary works, in effect sacrificing a fortune. In his last years, when writers and journalists came to pay homage to the bearded sage, they were always surprised to find the world's most famous author chopping wood with some workers or making his own boots. Given the privileged position in which Tolstoy started life, his personal transformation, if not complete, still deserves our admiration.

Israel indicted for genocide and racism
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*It's a Trick 
*The Holocaust LIE

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2014.03.19

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