December 30, 2013

Spingola Speaks 2013.12.30

Guest: Buthaina Neveln talks about the seventh anniversary of the execution of Saddam Hussein and why the US really assassinated him; Iraq After the 2003 US Invasion

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Fuck FireFox and Fuck the nerds fucking with their API. Did I mention FUCK? LOL


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THIS NEEDS TO COME BACK LIKE YESTERDAY! You nerds can go and pudry up the GUI all you like e.g. Australis. But why do you have to trample over the things that made Firefox great? Was it too much to just leave Firefox the way it was (and, thankfully still is in the 24 ESR?). I don't know what I'll be using Once you guys decide to turn the Tap on this Version too? But, I can tell ya I'll be (and, currently am) searching for something to replace Firefox as my Browser. As its becoming more, and more clear that the Mozilla Devs have simply lost every plot.

This may have been hinted at for Months on end in these "Dark Corners" I really shouldn't have to be arsed into having to post something so trite as this. I know that this will never get to where it needs to go, and, no One will read it either. But, you're turning this Once great Browser into a Windows 8 Grade "A" Turd!

Please stop this crap...

Signed a unhappy Firefox user....

From this thread

BTW, has anyone tried Pale Moon?

Unprecedented declines in Alaska king salmon… related to impact from Fukushima?

Record low numbers seen in major fishery on Canada’s west coast, “alarming decrease”

Juneau Empire, Dec. 29, 2013: The king chinook salmon — has fallen from its throne.  Alaska has seen unprecedented declines in recent years  scientists like Joe Orsi and Jim Murphy, both fisheries research biologists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, are digging deeper into the cause of the startling downward trend.

When asked about the potential impact Fukushima may be having on king salmon stocks in the Gulf of Alaska and elsewhere in the state, Orsi would not comment.

Read more here

I watch a series called Alaska The Last Frontier and the people living off the land up there are in crisis mode do to no fish.  It's not like other places were numbers slowing dwindle down to nothing, this happened in the past 2 years, they had record catches 2-3 years ago and now nothing!  Looks like this shit is real and only getting worse.

Queen Elizabeth II - NOT the rightful heir to the Throne of England

I found this very interesting.

No Agenda :NA 578 - Blast Wave Accelerator - 2013.12.29

Sandy Hook; NORAD;Slave Turkey; Act of 1871; Target; Six Week Cycle; Ministry of Truth; Paki$tan;Pipe$ & Train$; Vaccine$ and much more on this,the last No Agenda of 2013. Enjoy!

The Sunday Bitchin' session from the controlled Alternative Media.


Hitler in Argentina 1962 Colonia Suiza, Swiss Kirchner Clan & Exfiltrating Nazis to Nueva Helvecia

IMO this is disinformation to demonize Argentina. Shameful attempt at best.

(retro) Jones-Addresses Zionist Control Of America

it's fun to listen to AJ smooth the path for jews.

Scott Horton 2013.12.29

Adam Morrow

Cairo-based IPS News journalist Adam Morrow discusses the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s turn from democratically elected government to outlawed terrorist group in six months time; the bigger Egyptian protests despite harsher and deadlier crackdowns by the military; and the media’s increasingly less believable over-the-top denunciations of the Muslim Brotherhood. (Duration: 28:30 — 13.0MB)

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