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Christianity is Stupid

'Dick Bush' and 'Mark Feign' doing a preemption show "replacing" O.T.E. This "pilot" format is a debate on religion in general and Christianity in particular. Dick is representing the Evangelical Fundamentalist ideology and Mark promotes Atheistic Reason and, after opening position statements, we take calls. This tongue and cheek debate is taken very seriously by some callers while other callers are probably friends of the hosts.

Originally broadcast on KPFA in Northern California back in 1991, this classic show provides some funny,  provocative  and informative moments. 

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A View From Space Jan 30, 2016

The Spaceman goes deeper into today’s headlines than anyone else dares to go.


Talk Radio AM 640 Toronto

A View from the Bog

The West Is Reduced To Looting Itself — Paul Craig Roberts

Myself, Michael Hudson, John Perkins, and a few others have reported the multi-pronged looting of peoples by Western economic institutions, principally the big New York Banks with the aid of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Third World countries were and are looted by being inticed into development plans for electrification or some such purpose. The gullible and trusting governments are told that they can make their countries rich by taking out foreign loans to implement a Western-presented development plan, with the result being sufficient tax revenues from economic development to service the foreign loan. Seldom, if ever, does this happen. What happens is that the plan results in the country becoming indebted to the limit and beyond of its foreign currency earnings. 

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The Davos Blind Eye: How the Rich Eat the Poor and the World

The just-released Oxfam Davos Report which the mass media have ignored arrestingly shows that 62 individuals – 388 in 2010 – now own more wealth than 50% of the world’s population. More shockingly, it reports from its uncontested public sources that this share of wealth by half of the world’s people has collapsed by over 40% in just the last five years. Yet the big lies persist even here that “the progress has been made in tackling world poverty” and “extreme poverty has been halved since 1990”.

Reversing Undeniable Fact as Ultimate Justification:
Unbelievably, the endlessly repeated assertion of the form that ‘the poor are being lifted out of poverty in ever greater numbers’ continues on untouched despite the hard evidence that, in fact, the poorer half of humanity has lost almost half of their wealth in just the last five years. This big lie is significant in its implications. For not only is a pervasive claim about the success of globalization undeniably falsified while no-one notices it. Basic market theory and dogma collapses as a result. What is daily claimed as an infallible benefit of the global market is shown to be the opposite of reality. What does it mean for “trickle-down theory” when, in truth, the trickle down goes up in hundreds of billions of dollars to the rich from the already poor and destitute?

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The "Satanic" Theology Behind Cultural Marxism

They're Similar Because One Begat & Controls To This Day The Other.
When I studied English Literature, I was mystified that it was stripped of its social and biographical context as if naked words had some occult meaning by themselves. "Critical Theory" (Jewish Satanism, Cabalism) has subverted ("deconstructed") modern Western culture and undermined language as a means of communication. Our education system quite literally inducts naive young people into a Masonic Jewish satanic cult.
"In order to effect the destruction of all collective forces except ours we shall emasculate the first stage of collectivism, the universities, by re-educating them in a new direction." (Protocols of Zion,16.)
"CABALISM=JUDAISM=COMMUNISM="SATANISM". Jews (and Freemasons) have a choice: Disown their organizations, or be blamed for what they are doing.

Your One-Stop Article With Every Chronological Link to Understanding the Big Picture and the Illuminati Conspiracy

Something For The Weekend Sir??
This is YOUR own personal resource that will get you up to speed with what’s going on with the BIG PICTURE as well as your own personal tool to help others gain the knowledge they need to navagate the treacherous waters of the New World Order. *As Posted By Christopher Watson At "Beforeitsnews" - & yes, I know that sites reputation. But the links he provides are all Interesting and relevant to anybody seeking Unadulterated truths within our own insular little spaces online.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Dennis Fetcho, Inside the Eye Live Jan 30 2016

Dennis Fetcho, aka "The Fetch", is an American ex-patriot living in Amman, Jordan. He is the author of the Illuminatus Observor a blog regarded by many as simply the finest Hermetic Qabalah blog in all of blogdom.The Fetch also has a second site called Inside The Eye Live.

Hour 1 - Extreme Winter Weather, EU Countries Fight against Migrants
Hour 2 - Patricia Aiken with Nitehawk - Update on Harney, Oregon
Hour 3 - Patricia Aiken with Nitehawk - Update on Harney, Oregon, Syria and Mid East Updates


Fetch's Archive Here

Friday, January 29, 2016

Mythology, Religion and Truth (with graaaaaagh, Survive the Jive and Jarnefr Waggener)

This is a digression cut out from our long discussion about Yule and Saturnalia, which can be seen here .

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A View from the Bog



I've cracked the Kabbalah Media Code wide open to reveal a blatant series of warnings for Super Bowl 50 at Levi's Stadium. Please watch this all the way through and hear me out, they're planning a major event on February 7, 2016 at Levi's Stadium. Further decoding of predictive programming is available in my Kabbalah Code playlist.

Unfortunately this type of decoding work will only get me in trouble. Whatever happens , it's a hoax Instigating chaos and then change.

Polarization Nation Media's You Tube

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9/11 Truth - Frasier Coincidences, David Angell, Jim/John Ogonowski

This video looks briefly into two Flight 11 "coincidences" - One being the "pilot" of Flight 11 who looks exactly like the person who is still alive, living with his wife, and farming exactly like he was before- a Man who has no images with his "doppleganger" brother, and has images of him in a cockpit photoshoped for some strange reason.

It also briefly looks into David Angell, the executive producer of Wings, and Frasier amongst other shows, who was allegedly sitting right next to lead hijacker Mohammed Atta (across the aisle from him in business class) - Coincidently, Angell had written "American flight 11" into a Frasier episode, with the arrival at 10:30- 10:30 is the time the North Tower collapsed, as a "result of being struck by" American Flight 11, with David Angell allegedly on board.

The Paulstal Service's You Tube

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Video: See the moment government agents shot rancher LaVoy Finicum – and no he was not a terrorist

Oh, they waited 10 Minutes after shooting him before providing Emergency Care - just to make sure!
In a surprising move and amid mass public outcry from Patriot circles, the FBI has released the entire footage showing the shooting of rancher LaVoy Finicum and subsequent arrest of Ammon Bundy and others who took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in protest of numerous BLM land grabs and the specific targeting of the Hammond family. The footage concludes the speculation as to what actually happened leading to the death of Finicum, destroying the claim that he charged at authorities but also seemingly showing him reaching into his jacket pocket for less than 2 seconds before he is hit by a government agent who appeared out of the woods and shot him directly.

No Agenda Episode 794 - "Party Boat" - 2016.01.28

TODAY; Agenda 2030; Elections 2016; PP; Oregon Oathers; GPS/FE; Google Cars; Six Week Cycle; War on Crazy, and all your usual listening whilst attempting to surrender to the FBI and getting shot for your troubles favourites.

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Crazy Establishment Demands ‘Sanity’

& This is Just The "Right-Wing-Nuts"!  Remember There's Also Shillary And "Commie"-Colonel Sanders Waiting In The Wings Too!
*This Article Is USA-Centric due to this being an Election year Over There. But It's Salient Points apply equally To The U.K and Europe also.*

There is the old line about insanity being defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. What David Brooks and other Establishment figures are demanding is that the American voters keep electing the same system-approved neocon/neolib presidents again and again and expecting something better for the nation. Is that “staying sane” or “staying insane”?

Judaism: Making a State Out of a Religion

The Truth: Jews "Believe" That Everything In The Whole World Belongs To Them. Their "Yahweh" Told 'em So!
Judaism is the original Abrahamic “revealed”/hearsay religion. Christianity, Islam, Mormonism and Baha’i all have their roots in Judaism. The primary “holy” scripture/Word of God of Judaism is the Torah, which is the first five books of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament is also considered to be at least a part of the Word of God by all of the other Abrahamic religions. (The facts that Christianity came out of Judaism and that Christians were persecuting Jews caused the Deist Voltaire to write, "We hold the Jews in horror, and we insist that all which has been written by them, and collected by us, bears the stamp of Divinity. There never was so palpable a contradiction.") Many Gentile people who belong to one of the Abrahamic “revealed” religions believe the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament deals principally with morals, ethics and the hereafter. They are often very surprised to learn from objective study of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament that a very large and central part of it deals with promoting Hebrew/Jewish people above Gentile people as well as the creation and advancement of the Jewish state of Israel over all Gentile nations.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

JLBE1611 | Flat Earthers Doxxing Online Opponents?

In this video I ask you to question what you think is appropriate, morally and/or ethically, when it comes to dealing with those who oppose your worldview online. This is obviously a broad question with no simple, easy answer, but my hope is to encourage those who see this video to question their own beliefs about why they are here in this scene in the first place.

Nathan Oakley's video

Jeff Stewart's video

Kyle Jones' video

JohnleBonEXTRA's You Tube

A View from the Bog


U.S Gov’t Using the Psychology of “Lockdown” to Make Martial Law the Norm

Your Govt. Is Afraid You'll Wake Up To What They're Creating Around You Before They're Finished. They Should be.
The point I made at the time of the Paris attacks was that the “event” was used to trigger police activity in other parts of the world. The “lockdown” concept had just grown to the next level. As “lockdown” is rolled out to the general public as the new norm, is anyone asking, what is lockdown? Or, why it is necessary? First I want to say that the entire concept of lockdown is a lie, an illusion, it’s another psychological operation on the general public and here’s why...

Hoax Busters John Adams Afternoon Commute , Jan 18 2015

Hosted by: Chris From OK

Episode Notes: People with certain emotional or psychological needs are attracted to conspiracy theories. Well, the reverse might also be true: patterns of events that look like conspiracies are attracted to needs that exist in human society. Together these form what we might call a â??matrix of synchronicityâ?? that is grist to the conspiracy mill: " Synchronicity, Myth, and the New World Order "


hoax busters call blogspot

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John Adams's Recommended Reading List

A View from the Bog

Hoax Busters: Jan 18, 2016

Hoax Busters: N.W.O or Civilization 2.0.?
Hosted by: Chris From OK
Conspiracy or just Theory? Current events, History, Religion, Politics, etc..with a conspiratorial view of the "System", applying critical thinking and analysis to separate the real from the unreal,...
Episode Notes:The Powers That Be, Nukes, Flat Earth and Civilization.


hoax busters call blogspot

hoax busters talkshoe

A View from the Bog

Dennis Fetcho, Inside the Eye Live Jan 23 2016

Dennis Fetcho, aka "The Fetch", is an American ex-patriot living in Amman, Jordan. He is the author of the Illuminatus Observor a blog regarded by many as simply the finest Hermetic Qabalah blog in all of blogdom.The Fetch also has a second site called Inside The Eye Live.

Hour 1 - Winter Eastern Snowstorn, Schengen Visa
Hour 2 - EU Immigration Crises
Hour 3 - Jews, the Oscars, Blaming Whites for No diversity


Fetch's Archive Here

Scientists Say Smelling Farts Prevents Cancer

Next Time You're Trapped In A Lift and let One Go?  Use *This* Excuse!
This is not a hoax, folks. Scientists out of the University of Exeter believe that smelling farts actually prevents cancer, among other diseases.Although the stinky gas can be noxious in large doses, scientists believe that a whiff here and there has the power to reduce risks of cancer, strokes, heart attacks, arthritis, and dementia by preserving mitochondria. Researchers are even coming up with their own compound to emulate the smell’s health benefits.

FBI raid: Oregon refuge, 1 killed, 5 in custody, including Ammon, Ryan Bundy shot

LaVoy Finicum. 1st casualty of A Potential Civil War?
At least one dead, 5 taken into custody after FBI raid, situation still active.
Update: The shooting is now being reported by the mainstream media and liberals are already cheering the death of one of the members of Bundy’s group. The New York Times is reporting that this all happened during a “traffic stop”. As usual the mainstream media is IMMEDIATELY taking the government at their word and not even remotely wondering if this was a straight up ATTACK on the group.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Blast From The Past: Jim Keith and Jeff Rense - Mind Control - Mass Control

Before the Jeff Rense show, there was Sightings. Here is a blast from the past c. 1997. Jim Keith is interviewed by a very polite, non-interruping Jeff Rense. 

Jim Keith is best known for the books Black Helicopters Over America and The Octopus, co-written with Kenn Thomas, which details conspiracy theories around the death of reporter Danny Casolaro. The book is based on the notes of Danny Casolaro, who reportedly killed himself, although Keith and Thomas examine the case for foul play in their book. Jim Keith also died under strange circumstances from a minor injury in 1999.

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Hoax Lie

Documentary that de-constructs The Jewish Lie Of The "Holocaust" - Apologies for the narrators "Robo-Voice", but Given the extent of "Hate-Speech" Laws In Australia, no one should be surprised that the producer wouldn't wish to use his real voice. This doesn't detract from the facts he presents. Show to your Jew-Believing Friends when they attempt to defend The Holohoax as Historical fact. It is Nothing Of the Sort.

Monday, January 25, 2016

THA Talks Edition 104 January 24 , 2016

Stefanie James An Astrological Look At Jimmy Savile

Stefanie is a Consultant Astrologer, Blogger, Vlogger and Researcher based in London. She has an interest in Psychology, Crime and the Elite Establishment, viewing the power and corruption within the hierarchy as a problem which goes back through history.

Her recent research has lead her into criminal psychology and the dark secrets of those in positions of power. Stefanie has studied at the London School of Astrology (LSA), The School of Traditional Astrology (STA), the Centre for Psychological Astrology (CPA) and The Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology (MISPA).

We talk with Stefanie about her research, including some insight into Jimmy Savile and how she see’s the stars corresponding with his life.


THA Talks

A View from the Bog

Denver/Patriots Fixed/NFL Event Predicted, McFly Code 7

Lie, Cheat, Steal. Denver Broncos win is in the McFly Code

Polarization Nation Media's You Tube

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Flat Earth Watergate: Is There A Psyop Brewing?

There is Evidence of Some Big Names in Flat Earth Being a Part of an Inside Psyop! We will show why there is a coming shakeup in the top names of flat earth. If suddenly there were an implosion and all the people you trusted were gone from FE, would the community collapse and the movement be over? How serious are you about keeping FE going no matter what? We have uncovered evidence you'll want to know about so tune in!

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A View From Space Jan 23, 2016

The Spaceman goes deeper into today’s headlines than anyone else dares to go.


Talk Radio AM 640 Toronto

A View from the Bog


The Clinton Foundation(s) are notoriously mercurial. Funding comes in and funding goes out but no one is ever that clear on the details of where it came from, where it is going, and/or what it is being used for. Labeled an “atypical business model” by “charity watchdog” group Charity Navigator, the Clinton Foundation has earned its position on the list of “suspicious charities.”

As wrote, the Clinton Foundation had a “pass-through rate in 2013 [that] was a scandalous 6.4%, and during Hillary Clinton’s tenure at State it averaged somewhere around 15%. At least 60% of the foundation’s income goes to pay administrative costs, and in at least one year they spent as much on private and first-class air travel as they did in programmatic grants.”

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Yes, 'anal hazing' is a thing in America's high schools ...Sodomy now a rite of passage

Mr & Mrs America: Do YOU Know What Your Children Are Up To?
Not only is it horrendous for those forced to participate, but it is a rite of passage increasingly popular in high schools around the country that would horrify most parents if they were to find out about it.
As reported by The Daily Caller, the practice of anal hazing has become and remains a bizarre ritual in U.S. high schools. In recent years, in fact, there has been an alarming increase in the number of such hazing incidents around the nation that involves mostly high school boys who have sodomized other boys using foreign objects. Dozens of boys have reported being victimized by the practice, and most of the victims are younger students, while the criminal offenders are older.

The Craziest Conspiracy Theory of Them All

The Jew-Controlled British Government Does it's Best To Vilify Putin Through Another "Dodgy Dossier"
The conspiracy theory promulgated by the British government – and now memorialized in this official report – surpasses anything the deceased fantasist might have come up with. According to the Brits, Litvinenko was poisoned on British soil whilst imbibing a cup of tea spiked with a massive dose of radioactive polonium-210 – and, since Russia is a prime source of this rare substance, and since the Russians were supposedly out to get Litvinenko, the FSB – successor to the KGB – is named as the “probable” culprit. Looking at the report, one has to conclude that they don’t make propaganda the way they used to...

Oscars 2016: Charlotte Rampling says diversity row is 'racist to white people'

The Only Person Speaking Common Sense In Hollywood Today: Charlotte Rampling.
The British actress, nominated for the best actress award, says black actors may not have been good enough to make the list of Oscar nominees. Oscar nominee Charlotte Rampling has claimed the current campaign to boycott the 2016 Academy Awards over claims of a diversity deficit is racist to white people. Rampling, 69, is up for the best actress prize for her role in the British drama 45 Years, from director Andrew Haigh, where she will compete against Room’s Brie Larson, Carol’s Cate Blanchett, Joy’s Jennifer Lawrence and Brooklyn’s Saoirse Ronan. Asked for her take on the current furore over all-white lists of nominees on French Radio network Europe 1 on Friday morning, the British actor did not mince her words. “It is racist to whites,” she said.

No Agenda Episode 793 - "Divide & Ruin" - 2015.01.24

TODAY; Migrants; Word do matter; Bengahzi; Elections 2016; Shut Up Slave!; OscarsSoWhite; Armageddon; CYBER!; FaceBag; Google Car; Agenda 2030; War on Ca$h; F-Russia, and all your usual Listening Whilst Circling The Wagons To Avoid The Slings & Arrows of The Whooping Operatives And Malcontents Favourites.

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Secret Teachings Radio: Controlling The Human Mind - 01/23/16

On this Saturday edition of The Secret Teachings, host Ryan will be exploring the world of mind control and evoked mass emotional responses from the general populace. This changes and shifts the social paradigm without the general populace recognizing they have been manipulated. 

 1. Tramau-based mind control and how this, along with the usage of drugs, relates to ancient cult initiations and the bringing of someone to the point of death (trauma) and back to life again (relief). This then relates to our modern society and our drug-induced coma of pharmaceutical drugs.

 2. Setting the standards for what is or is not possible 

3. Collecting personal information on a wide-scale for the usage in complex computer simulations meant to map the future. The next step is to merge man slowly with technology so 'he' is merged with an artificial controlled reality.

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Debt Matrix: Consumption and Modern-Day Slavery

No wonder so many have back problems these days!
According to Oxford Dictionary the term Slave is defined as “a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them” as in the case of the United States during the 18th and 19th centuries where slavery was a legalized institution.  Oxford dictionary also defines slavery as “a person who works very hard without proper remuneration or appreciation” as in today’s world of a person working for a company or corporation where their efforts are usually under appreciated.  It also describes a slave as “a person who is excessively dependent upon or controlled by something” or “a device, or part of one, directly controlled by another”.  Debt can be an instrument used to control an individual or a nation for that matter.    (

Excommunicated Priest Exposed New World Order - The rewards of Truth were Public Humliation & Death For Him.

Listen to this 1986 speech given by now deceased Priest John O’Conner exposing Benjamin Creme, Maitreya, Freemasonry, Global elite, Antichrist communist movement, new age occult practices, church infiltration of the homosexual movement, the Federal Reserve and more. Despite The More Religious aspects of his Sermon, He accurately points out the beginning and end games of those responsible for Civilisations decline since 1973. After this speech O’Conner was ORDERED to under go a psychological evaluation and then later dismissed from the church.

When Did People Stop Believing in Freedom?

Society is being re-engineered before your own eyes. Do you *like* what you're seeing?
Almost every college student we asked today said that it is fine to give up their privacy to the government if it will keep them safe, especially from terrorists. Whether you believe in their ideologies or not, people used to fight for what they believe in with greater conviction in this country. Once upon a time, people actually stood up for their natural rights and protested. Now people are quietly going about their day just hoping to stay off the radar, or worse, they have been taught and actually believe that giving up liberty for a sense of security is a good trade off “to keep them safe” with misguided lines like “I’m not doing anything wrong so I have nothing to worry about.”

Jeffrey vs JLB Aftershow Jan 22 2016

Join JLB for a review and recap of the long awaited 'Great, Late, Old Mate Debate'.

Audio Only Here


JohnleBonEXTRA's You Tube 

A View from the Bog


'Great, Late, Old Mate Debate' | Jeffrey vs JLB Jan 22 2016

Mirror of the 'Great, Late, Old Mate Debate' hosted on Jeffrey's channel 'New World Agenda' on Friday, January 22, 2016

Audio Only Here


JohnleBonEXTRA's You Tube 

A View from the Bog


Life Under an Iron Fist

If The US Government *Didn't* Want This Playing Out Daily, It Would Already Be Over.
Activists protesting federal land mismanagement and the imprisonment of Dwight and Steven Hammond recently occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters building in Oregon. Some facts, context and perspective may help people understand what’s really going on here.
At its core, this is about the often callous, iron-fisted hand of the federal government being slammed down on American citizens.

Dave McGowan Interview: Programmed To Kill

Fx n Mx In Conversation With Dave McGowan About His Book Programmed To Kill - The Politics of Serial Murder. McGowan delves into the concept of serial killers as a tool for social engineering and a convenient way to create mass fear and thus necessitate the need for greater  police presence. This interview was conducted sometime in 2015.

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...& now,the *REAL* reason Western Governments have been falling over themselves to admit hoards of illegal migrants: IMF's Prescription for Europe: Exploit Refugees with Low Wages

Send Them All Back to their Countries of Origin Before It's Too Late.
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Wednesday released a report urging the European countries accepting a majority of refugees to "temporarily" (*Yeah,Right!) pay them less than minimum wage. In its report, the IMF recommended implementing a short-term differentiation between asylum seekers and EU citizens, by way of "temporary and limited derogations of the minimum wage for refugees." That would entail giving wage subsidies to companies to employ individuals migrating to Europe to escape war, poverty, and state violence from the Middle East and North Africa, or adopting "temporary exceptions to minimum or entry level wages" for those already hired.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Cliff Richard & The Young Ones - Living Doll

Blind faith is the best way to control slaves.

Tavikitty's You Tube

A View from the Bog

Turning of The Sovereign Seal at Mansion House Dublin Jan 21st 2016

Billy McGuire, President of the The Irish Republican Brotherhood, Turns the Sovereign Seal and Lord Mayor of Dublin Críona Ní Dhálaigh reads the Proclamation of the Irish Republic.

The Sovereign Republic of  Éire 1919

sovereign seal's You Tube

A View from the Bog

The Clues Chronicle Issue 8 Jan 21 2016

Issue 8: Hi, Richard Kotlarz and ‘The Banks’ War Against Us’


Richard Kotlarz

TODAY’S FEATURED THREAD : “The Banks’ War Against Us” by hoi.polloi

October 19th, 2009 Direct link: The Banks’ War Against Us


Greenspan Admits The Federal Reserve Is Above The Law & Answers To No One. On YouTube (@ 7:30), published by Video’s exposing our loving Government on Jan 29, 2008.


The Clues Chronicle

Clues Forum

A View from the Bog

Fakeologist Audio Chat January 7th and 22nd 2016

Ab, Armunn, Anna, Rollo and Tom Dalpra..


PShea and Tom Dalpra.


Schedule an audiochat for yourself here

A View from the Bog

No Agenda Episode 792 - "Buffoonery" - 2015.01.21

Elections 2016; EuroLand; Earon; Migrants; F-Russia; Kagan/Nuland; OscarsSoWhite; Shut Up Slave!; War on Guns, and all your usual listening Whilst Waving Bye Bye To All The Whiggers,"Bee-leafers",Government Shills, and Assorted Armchair Generals Favourites.

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Why some people drop dead while shoveling snow

In French Canadia, No One Can Hear You Scratching Paintwork!
Each approaching blizzard brings warnings about the dangers of shoveling snow, an activity that sends thousands of Americans to emergency rooms each winter. Don't tackle the walkway if you aren't in good enough shape, say the experts. You can get hurt or, even worse, trigger a heart attack or stroke. Medically speaking, a person is indeed more likely to keel over while heaving snow than, say, jogging on a treadmill. But why?

New “X-Files” Will Take on 9/11 Conspiracy, New World Order, and NSA Spying

Revival of Conspiracy Theorist's Favourite Show in January 2016.
Government corruption was always one of the main themes that played out in the classic television show X-Files, and it was typically shown in the form of UFO and alien cover-ups. However, the show’s creator said in a recent interview that the new revival of the series will also touch on some of the more political conspiracies that take place in our world.
X-Files creator Chris Carter said Edward Snowden and issues like the 9/11 conspiracy will be fair game in the new revival of the show. The new series will feature the same classic characters, David Duchovny as Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully. “A lot of the rights and liberties that were signed away [with the Patriot Act] are being abused now, and no one seems to care,” Carter said.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Shadows in the Dark - My Secret Life as a CIA Assassin - 10/16/08

Alleged former CIA agent and assassin Roland Haas joined us to share his life as a spy and how keeping the secret of a double life almost destroyed him. Haas has authored "Enter the Past Tense: My Secret Life as a CIA Assassin" which tells of his gripping story from a skinny, troubled immigrant kid to highly trained covert operations specialist working for the CIA during the Cold War.

Note: Not sure what to make of this interview, but I came across an article stating that Hass had accidentally" killed himself  less than 2 years after publishing his book.
Nice 'Adam Lanza' haircut in the b/w photo. - lol
Interview starts @ approx. 9.15  into the audio.

Download Show Here

Talking About Vaccines

Herbalist discusses some of the dangers of getting your children vaccinated and explains some alternatives

HerbsPlusBeadWorks' You Tube

A View from the Bog

Coercive Engineered Migration. Hungary and Europe’s Refugee Crisis

If aggression against another foreign country means that it strains its social structure, that it ruins its finances, that is has to give up its territory for sheltering refugees, what is the difference between that kind of aggression and the other type, the more classical type, when someone declares war, or something of that sort. — Sawer Sen, India’s Ambassador to the UN

In an EU press conference on September 3rd, 2015 Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban candidly referred to the current refugee crisis in Europe as “Germany’s problem”. Orban was referring to the fact that refugees amassing at the border of Hungary were heading, for the most part, to Germany. The Hungarian Prime Minister stressed that most of the refugees did not intend to stay in Hungary. Orban has come under criticism for his decision to erect a security fence on the Hungarian/Serbian border in order to stem the flow of migrants entering Hungarian territory illegally. 

 While most of the European media have portrayed Orban as a xenophobic, far right dictator, the decision to erect a fence was carried out in compliance with EU regulations, which require that all immigrants entering the Shengen zone be registered by the police at the border. Yet, paradoxically, Brussels is criticizing the Hungarian Prime Minister for attempting to comply with EU laws!

Read Article Here