January 29, 2016

Mythology, Religion and Truth (with graaaaaagh, Survive the Jive and Jarnefr Waggener)

This is a digression cut out from our long discussion about Yule and Saturnalia, which can be seen here .

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I've cracked the Kabbalah Media Code wide open to reveal a blatant series of warnings for Super Bowl 50 at Levi's Stadium. Please watch this all the way through and hear me out, they're planning a major event on February 7, 2016 at Levi's Stadium. Further decoding of predictive programming is available in my Kabbalah Code playlist.

Unfortunately this type of decoding work will only get me in trouble. Whatever happens , it's a hoax Instigating chaos and then change.

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9/11 Truth - Frasier Coincidences, David Angell, Jim/John Ogonowski

This video looks briefly into two Flight 11 "coincidences" - One being the "pilot" of Flight 11 who looks exactly like the person who is still alive, living with his wife, and farming exactly like he was before- a Man who has no images with his "doppleganger" brother, and has images of him in a cockpit photoshoped for some strange reason.

It also briefly looks into David Angell, the executive producer of Wings, and Frasier amongst other shows, who was allegedly sitting right next to lead hijacker Mohammed Atta (across the aisle from him in business class) - Coincidently, Angell had written "American flight 11" into a Frasier episode, with the arrival at 10:30- 10:30 is the time the North Tower collapsed, as a "result of being struck by" American Flight 11, with David Angell allegedly on board.

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Video: See the moment government agents shot rancher LaVoy Finicum – and no he was not a terrorist

Oh, they waited 10 Minutes after shooting him before providing Emergency Care - just to make sure!
In a surprising move and amid mass public outcry from Patriot circles, the FBI has released the entire footage showing the shooting of rancher LaVoy Finicum and subsequent arrest of Ammon Bundy and others who took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in protest of numerous BLM land grabs and the specific targeting of the Hammond family. The footage concludes the speculation as to what actually happened leading to the death of Finicum, destroying the claim that he charged at authorities but also seemingly showing him reaching into his jacket pocket for less than 2 seconds before he is hit by a government agent who appeared out of the woods and shot him directly.

No Agenda Episode 794 - "Party Boat" - 2016.01.28

TODAY; Agenda 2030; Elections 2016; PP; Oregon Oathers; GPS/FE; Google Cars; Six Week Cycle; War on Crazy, and all your usual listening whilst attempting to surrender to the FBI and getting shot for your troubles favourites.

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