November 20, 2014

No Debate: Antiwar Voices Absent from Corporate TV News Ahead of U.S. Attacks on Iraq & Syria

link between Vaccinations and Cancer

Propaganda? What Propaganda? jew Media Monopoly vs. Alternative and Non-jew Media

The tragedy being played out in Ukraine is very important for us in alternative media. This story is very clear-cut and those who have done wrong (and continue to do so) are obvious. There is plenty of conclusive evidence that Washington and Brussels backed an illegal coup against a democratically elected government in Ukraine. The West is in complete denial, and its official narrative that there was a people’s revolution is itself propaganda.
The media are even worse. The violent events that ended the constitutional order in Kiev included snipers killing over 90 people. Western media took little interest in the story when it began to appear that those pulling the triggers were associated with anti-government forces. A massacre occurred in the city of Odessa. An ample amount of video available on YouTube shows the culprits were fascistic elements aligned with the coup government. Western media has taken little interest in the story.
Then there is MH-17. For a few weeks it was treated as one of the biggest stories in media history. But then, MH-17 disappeared from the headlines. Why? Common sense dictates western intelligence should know who shot the plane out of the sky. The information is not being disclosed but the media line is of course that ‘the Russians did it’. And western media is not interested in asking any further questions. But those of us who do or who put forward alternative scenarios are called propagandists.
The ultimate trick question when it comes to western coverage of Ukraine is to ask: “When did Russia invade Ukraine?” There is no answer because there has never been an invasion (and most likely never will be either). At the same time western audiences are fed 24/7 wall-to-wall dis- and misinformation about Ukraine. Anyone who challenges this is called a propagandist.
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David Duke Show 2014.11.20

Dr. David Duke and Patrick Slattery go into the latest Jewish racism exposed in the new law proposed in the Knesset. Israel is defined as a racial state…. in a real sense. Israeli scientists and leaders routinely call themselves a race, and the deciding factor for immigration allowance in Israel and even marriage is race, or genetic heritage, even to the point of using DNA tests to prove prospective immigrants claim to be a Jew. Any other nation that had such requirements would be condemned as racist, but instead Israel is sent money by our supposedly "anti-racist" politicians who are actually supporters of the ultimate racism on earth, Jewish racism and Jewish privilege, in fact, Jewish rule in media, politics and finance.

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Ex-Obama Aide Demolishes NY Times Claim That Gruber’s Role Was “Limited”…. MIT professor was “the guru on health care.”

Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2014.11.19

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The Plot To Make America Gay
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Thanks to Jonathan Gruber for revealing Obamacare deception

Democrats are desperately distancing themselves from Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber. He “never worked on our staff,” President Obama said this weekend in Brisbane, Australia, (even though Gruber was paid almost $400,000 by his administration, is the intellectual author of the individual mandate and met in the Oval Office with Obama and the head of the Congressional Budget Office to pore over the bill). “I don’t know who he is,” Nancy Pelosi declared on Capitol Hill (even though she repeatedly cited him by name during the Obamacare debate).
The reason Democrats are running from Gruber is the same reason conservatives should be thanking him: Gruber has exposed what liberals really think of the American people.
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6 links that will show you what Google knows about you

Want to find out all the things Google knows about you? Here are 6 links that will show you some of the data Google has about you.

Jonathan Gruber's ObamaCare Admission Opened A Huge Can Of Worms

Doomcast 67 - 2014.11.19

Doom On A Thursday - Doomcast!
Charlie & Doug chew the fat on this weeks biggest truther stories.