January 15, 2015

FOX News Reporters Fired For Exposing Monsanto


David Duke Show 2015.01.15

Dr. Duke does a in depth show taken from his ongoing research article on how terrorism, ISIS and eventual Civil War is coming to every nation of the Western World unless we overthrow the Zio-Globalist power over our media, finance and politics.
He shows how the Zionist control of Western Policy by supporting the horrific crimes of Israel against Mideast peoples and nations, as well as the Zio-directed wars that have brought death, injury and devastation to millions of people.
The Jewish Secretary of State justifying the death of 500,000 children in Iraq is offered as an example of this horrific policy done in the name of America, but one instigated by Jewish extremists like her.
Then he shows how the increasing terrorist attacks across the Western World would not be possible except for the massive immigration into Western nations, and he proves that Jewish tribalists have been the driving force behind it in every Western nation! They even brag openly about they have not only led the specific immigration advocacy groups but their control of media has brainwashed many European people into thinking that massive immigration will be good thing for respective countries, when of course see their horrifically conflicted nations, increased crime, social welfare burden, and of course terrorism on as scale completely alien to their way of life.
He also talks about the fact that all people on Earth naturally want to preserve their heritage and the vast majority of every nation does not want mass immigration of foreign peoples who don't share the essential values and culture.
He recounts a famous lecture he gave in the leading intellectual University in Libya and how the thousand academics and students actually cheered the fact that he wanted to preserve his own European people and culture in European lands just as the people of Libya desire the same for their own people.
Dr. Slattery added some prescient commentary on this issue and he and Dr. Duke discussed the argument and answered those who say that organized Jewish don't support immigration because why would they want to people coming in who are also natively anti-Israel. Dr. Slattery and Dr. Duke reveal the fact that all the major groups DO SUPPORT OPEN BORDERS FOR Europe and the every nation, and even boast about… and then go to explain the reasons that they do.

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