October 02, 2020

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Band on the Run

Allegory of the Cov

Our Interesting Times-Lamprey Milt on China, Real Estate and COVID-19

Lamprey Milt joins Our Interesting Times to discuss his article "China, Real Estate and COVID-19."

Lamprey Milt is an independent researcher, a contributor to the American Sun, and the host of MGTOW Chats.

ACH (1355) October 2, 2020

Pastor Eli James – The Testimony Of The Prisoners #7 – Why We Cannot Lose Our Faith

In today’s show originally broadcast on October 2 2020, Andy is joined by Pastor Eli James on, “The Testimony Of The Prisoners,” for a show entitled, “Why We Cannot Lose Our Faith.” We discussed: the latest news on Pastor Steve; the curious case of David C. Tate and his conversion to Christianity in prison; why the prisoners feel safer in prison than those of us in the outside world; how seriously the prisoners take their Christian faith; and many other topics. PLEASE WRITE LETTERS OF SUPPORT TO PRISONERS WHO ARE IN JAIL FOR SIMPLY EXERCISING THEIR GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH:

Ted & Austin Radio Show October 2 2020

Show Highlights

The deconstruction, destruction and reverse discrimination of White America. Insanity!
This is probably the most politically incorrect segment I have ever done.
But it needed to be said!
Trump denounces the Proud Boys.
Is Melania Trump a foul mouth? Who cares?
Millions of Americans risk losing power.
Who are America’s top Zionists?
Does the number one Zionist promote porn?
FSU stupidly cancels Spring Break to penalize students.
Is Trump really Covid positive?

Trump Contracts CV, 33 Days Before Election...SNAKE EYES, the Copper Top 5 Gee Whiz President

I've not watched this video yet but am posting based on the title alone. Is anyone surprised that this is the case at this point? :)

ACH (1354) Dr. Peter Hammond – The Real Story Behind The Six Pointed Star

In today’s show originally broadcast on October 1 2020, Andy interviews Dr. Peter Hammond, for a show entitled, “The Real Story Behind The Six Pointed Star.”

We discussed: the kabbalistic nature of the six pointed star; how King David never used the Star Of David; the idols that King Solomon worshiped; the six pointed star as the talisman of Satan and its adoption by the Rothschild family; the inaugural Zionist Congress in 1897; why the Balfour Declaration was addressed to Lord Rothschild; the Bill Gates patent 060606 which is entitled “Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data”; the mandatory vaccines that British politicians are already advocating; God’s warning from Revelation 13; the mass murder of Russians by doctors in the Soviet Union; the Thalidomide scandal; and many other topics.

No Agenda - 1282: Media Decomposition

Crrow777 - A Path To Freedom For Those Fictitiously Lost At Sea

Date: October 1, 2020 #256

We have done many shows on law and we feel like our guest may have found a path to true freedom. In this episode we lay down the timeline of what happened to us and when – and then, a workable solution to roll back your standing to pre-1933 standards, before you were classified as an enemy of the state and turned into a corporate entity and lost at sea. Up until recently we had found no all-inclusive path forward, from a legal standpoint. We feel that is now changed and a path has been found for those who no longer wish to be indentured servants, subject to corporations masquerading as the Law. This may well be the threshold we have searched for that will allow living men and women to take back what was basically stolen all those decades ago. Buckle-up as this episode is a mind blower.