April 17, 2013

Reconstructions Special Report with Mike Sledge 2013.04.17

The Multicultural Formula

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When False Flags Don't Fly

 Those who have studied history know that nothing invigorates and empowers an authoritarian regime more than a spectacular act of violence, some sudden and senseless loss of life that allows the autocrat to stand on the smoking rubble and identify himself as the hero. It is at moments like this that the public—still in shock from the horror of the tragedy that has just unfolded before them—can be led into the most ruthless despotism: despotism that now bears the mantle of "security."

Acts of terror and violence never benefit the average man or woman. They only ever benefit those in positions of power.

Reconstructions Special Report with Mike Sledge 2013.04.15

The Family Circle

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Spingola Speaks 2013.04.17

Guest: Dr. Paul Byrne, Bernice Jones, of The Life Guardian, Why you do not want to be an organ donor; Pressure on Doctors; Organ Division; Rocky's Law; TV ad

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David Duke Show 2013.04.17

Today: Dr. David Duke exposes the horrific racist attack on European Americans in a media article in which is headlined, Let's hope the marathon bomber turns out to be a White American. It is really hard to measure Jewish chutzpah! He is suggesting the real terrorists are Whites and that evil White people are generating massive hatred against Muslims. The truth is that the writer Sirota is himself a former AIPAC officer! He has to know the fact that Hollywood which is Jewish has been the major source of images designed to foster hatred toward Palestinians and other Arab peoples. He goes on to speak of White privilege when he must know of the massive Jewish privilege and pro-Jewish bias in the American establishment. This show exposes Jewish hypocrisy as well as any program yet and has additional commentary from Dr. Patrick Slattery.

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Boston Bombing Culprits Found?

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NOTE: This article is from infowars, and we all know who AJ works for, so this is for entertainment purposes only.

Hyman Goldberg aka Alex Jone$
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Ugly Truth with MG 4-16-2013

The terror bombing in Boston–who benefits?

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Al-Qaeda a tool for West's political/military adventures 


What if...


Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2013.04.16

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Gerald Celente - Trends Research

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Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Jim Kirwan - Telling It Like It Is

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RJ podcast 1 - 2013.04.16

I give thanks, jam some tunes, talk about education, survival, solar energy, gaming and the use of tv for control.

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