February 08, 2014

Our German Ancestry 2.7.2014

Rob discusses the German and Russian marches during WW2 as promised.


Our German Ancestry (TalkShoe)

Meet Lucky Larry

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Yet another Jew caught red-handed manufacturing "anti-Semitism"

Most of you reading here are probably familiar with the many examples in which Jews themselves are caught red-handed spray painting "anti-Semitic" and anti-Israel graffiti, slogans, and symbols in public places in order to manufacture "anti-Semitism", perpetuating the Jews' "victimhood" and "persecuted people" status - a central aspect of Jewish identity.
Typical Jewish behavior: constantly reinforcing and perpetuating their own "persecuted people" and "victimhood" status, usually by entirely fabricating or deceitfully exaggerating anti-Jewish sentiment, in order to keep their own people in line with the international messianic Talmudic agenda of world domination and subjugation.
These sorts of propaganda stunts also serve to reinforce and perpetuate this false narrative of Jewish history - one of unjustified "persecution" and "hatred", when in reality genuine anti-Jewish sentiment has always erupted due to Jewish behavior, criminality, subversion, and agitation - to the non-Jewish community as well.
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Russian Official Denies Role in U.S. Envoy Conversation Leak

A Russian ministerial aide who kick-started a scandal over a leaked conversation about Ukraine between U.S. diplomats has denied he was responsible for the leak.
The recording has re-ignited claims of U.S. meddling in Ukraine’s unfolding political crisis and aroused irritation in European capitals over Nuland’s apparent use of a four-letter expletive while dismissively referring to the EU.
While refraining from definitively confirming the veracity of the recording, Nuland has issued an apology over her use of language.
Washington has angrily lashed out over the leak, arguing that only a few countries[Israel] would have had the technical capability to intercept the call. A U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki strongly implied Russia was behind the leak and condmened Loskutov’s role in drawing public attention to the recording as a  “new low in Russian tradecraft.”
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*Banned Fox News report

Bankster Suicides and Bank Run Chatter


California School Forced To Remove ‘Racist Menu”

Carondelet, a private school in Northern California has apologized and removed a menu that apparently upset parents and students. A lunch menu that was part of the celebrations for Black History Month was:
    “…stereotypical of black Southern culture that comes from the same place where the N-word comes from”. according to University of San Fransisco professor James Taylor.
The menu, which included watermelon, chicken and collard greens was deemed offensive.

The Kevin Barrett Show 2014.02.08

Shane Trejo: Let's turn off the NSA - here's how!

Shane Trejo of OffNow.org says let's turn off the NSA - by nullifying it at the state and local levels! The OffNow coalition is introducing legislation all over the country to deny material support to the NSA, depriving it of the water, electricity, and other resources it needs to build its vast panopticon of data-collection and storage facilities.

With the federal government determined to shred the Constitution and use the 4th Amendment as toilet paper, ordinary Americans are rising up all over the country to shut down the NSA and nullify the surveillance state at the local level. OffNow.org is in the forefront of these efforts. Listen and find out how you can help!

Kevin's blog

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Dennis Fetcho, Inside the Eye Live 2014.02.08

Dennis Fetcho, aka "The Fetch", is an American ex-patriot living in Amman, Jordan.  He is the author of the Illuminatus Observor, a blog regarded by many as simply the finest Hermetic Qaballa blog in all of blogdom.  The Fetch also has a second site called"Inside The Eye Live.com"
Intelligent media for the politically aware.

No Guest: News and commentary.

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The Insurgent Radio 2.4.2014

 Northern Indiana is snowed in. Tom has time to think about issues and ideas. His advise is sound because he's been there, done that. In this show TT reviews some news and comments in a way only Tommy can. 14/5


Judea Declares War on Germany (Full Version) - Facts About the Holocaust you DIDN'T know!

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Ognir's TiU Radio podcast 2/5/2014 - with special Guest FreemanKai @KaiHolloway

Mid week news and views.
Answers to some questions Ognir has received.


Ognir's The Information Underground



Texe Marrs podcast 1/10/2014 - Down the Rabbit Hole

Men and women only a few years ago would not have believed 2014 America. It has to have gone raving insane. Texe looks at some key areas which indicate the depth of this depravity and insanity.



American Leaders JOKE About Dead Veterans and Children


*Bush Jokes about WMD

Anti-War Goes AWOL: Divide and Conquer in Action

After the election of Obama in 2008, the driving impetus of the anti-war movement evaporated. No longer did it matter that the wars, covert operations, military tribunals and prison torture camps were continuing. In fact, it did not even matter that American military involvement escalated with the Obama handover, expanding into Pakistan and Yemen, involving more drone strikes and extrajudicial assassinations. This was, after all, a Democrat, and so many on the anti-war left were appeased. Groups like Veterans For Peace, which had so loudly and so admirably called for the impeachment of Bush for his participation in war crimes and atrocities have been happy to look the other way while "their guy" in the White House forwards the very same agenda.

American Free Press Editors Roundtable 2/7/2014

 AMERICAN FREE PRESS newspaper's editors and reporters discuss the weeks top stories.          Show-page



The Jim Traficant Show 2/5/2014

Former 17-year Ohio Congressman Jim Traficant tells it like it is, in one hour of non-stop commentary and analysis on the issues that no one else will dare to touch.





The International Jew Study Hour 2/6/2014

A Jew Sees His People As Others See Them – Episode 83


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