May 09, 2019


This isn't a reading assignment... this is brainwashing...

Flat Earth Clues...or Full on Delusional Misunderstanding??

Tim Dwelly – The Tyrant of Penzance (Assault On Graham Hart)

Make no mistake about it. A political thug, Israel-Jew first hack traitor plies the waves of British and Penzance politics, and that person can be identified: Tim Dwelly, the Tyrant of Penzance. Tim Dwelly, a Penzance councilor, likes to complain about “bullying” towards him and other Jew firsters, but in truth, Dwelly is a moron who engages in political thuggery 24/7.

 What else could you call Penzance councillor Tim Dwelly who sets himself up as the self proclaimed “anti-Semite hunter of Cornwall”, whines about “anti-Semites” with every other breath, and who openly seeks to harm everyone who does not agree with his Jew only politics?

Tim Dwelly is just one of hundreds of politicians plying the “oh woe to the Jews” trade even as it is Jews who are tearing our countries apart, imposing upon all of us an unsustainable “multicultural environment” that, if continued unchecked, will result in the loss to Europeans of their traditional homelands.