October 11, 2015

The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt 2015.10.11

Mike Walsh

Kyle speaks with author, poet, and long-time European advocate Mike Walsh about his history and current events. Topics include: Mike’s upbringing, his involvement with the British Movement and Colin Jordan, their reception by the British public, thoughts about World War 2, the effect of the Soviet Union on Eastern Europe, the racial struggle in the present day, Vladimir Putin as friend or foe, the nationalist uprising in Europe, and thoughts about the future.

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No Agenda Episode 764 - "Can You See That Juice?" - 2015.10.11

TODAY; Ottomania; War on Crazy; Caliphate!; MIC; Migrants; Agenda 2030; NWO; VAWG / SJW / GG; F-Russia; Elections 2016; F-Germany; CYBER!; NA-Tech News, and all your usual listening whilst engaging with the Random Internet Nutters who have complaints about *Everything"; yet No Answers as to fixing anything they like to complain about favourites.

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Syria: U.S. Success Would Only Be the End of the Beginning

An October 7, 2015 hearing before the US Senate Committee on Armed Forces (SASC) titled, "Iranian Influence in Iraq and the Case of Camp Liberty," served as a reaffirmation of America's commitment to back the terrorist organization Mujahedeen e-Khalq (MEK) and specifically 2,400 members of the organization being harbored on a former US military base in Iraq.
The United States, unrepentant regarding the arc of chaos, mass murder, terrorism, civilizational destruction it has created stretching from Libya to Syria, now seeks openly to extend it further into Iran using precisely the same tactics - the use of terrorist proxies - to dismantle and destroy Iranian society.
To this day MEK terrorists have been carrying out attacks inside of Iran killing political opponents, attacking civilian targets, as well as carrying out the US-Israeli program of targeting and assassinating Iranian scientists. MEK terrorists are also suspected of handling patsies in recent false flag operations carried out in India, Georgia, and Thailand, which have been ham-handedly blamed on the Iranian government.
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British fighter jets authorized to shoot down Russian jets over Syria: Reports


Texe Marrs Podcast 10/2/2015 - jew Secrets

Texe Marrs uncovers news and secrets the jew controlled mass jew media dare not report.


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The Hollies - Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress (live)


Prosecutor Justifies Charges Against Man for "Criminal Defamation of Jews" in Montana

Land Of The Free My Arse!
The case of David Joseph Lenio has received some attention but the prosecutor's arguments deserve a closer look - particularly since Lenio faces up to ten years in prison on the 'criminal defemation of jews' charge alone. As we reported last month, Lenio has been released from prison and the awaits trial.
Lenio is charged with two counts: Count I: Intimidation in violation of Section 45-5-203(1), MCA, and Count II: Criminal Defamation in violation of Sec. 45-8-212(2), MCA. Each charge if convicted, can land Lenio up to ten years in prison.