November 09, 2018

I Was Wrong All Along. Aliens Are Here: Oumuamua - Thomas Sheridan

I don't know about you but i'm not so quick to dismiss ideas like this out of hand any more.  So many different things streamed through my mind while listening to this it would take pages and pages to express them... i wouldn't even know where to start.  It's such a shame we can't trust any of the institutions we were programmed to think of as authorities...

Occult Magick - Origins and History

In 1951 a law was passed in the UK outlawing the church from further prosecuting witches and magick.  I think that would coincide with when the media began using illusion and word magic on all of us.  <-- that was not a part of the video, that's my two cents... it's good video, imo... short, yet succinct.

What is Diatomaceous Earth? Benefits of and where to get it...

There are many more benefits than he touches on in this very short video... you can learn much more by going to the site where i get mine which is  <-- They've got the best prices out of anywhere.  Be sure to check out the testimonials page, it's one of the few sites that i've encountered where the testimonials are not lies... i can personally attest to the benefits of diatomaceous earth.