September 25, 2014

Zionist Canada is the new trend

Interview: Graeme MacQueen Reveals The Anthrax Deception

In his new book “The 2001 Anthrax Deception,” Dr. Graeme MacQueen, co-editor of the Journal of 9/11 Studies, lays out the case for a domestic conspiracy in the 2001 anthrax attacks in the US. In this conversation, James Corbett and Graeme Macqueen discuss the context in which these attacks happened, the way they were portrayed by the government and the mainstream media, their ultimate effect, and the voluminous evidence that disproves the FBI’s assertion that the attacks were the work of Dr. Bruce Ivins.



Ex-U.S. Rep. James A. Traficant Jr. is in “very critical condition” after an accident on his family farm

The former congressman, 73, is “sedated and he’s not doing well,” his wife told The Vindicator a few minutes before heading back to the St. Elizabeth Health Center in Youngstown, where he was taken after first being rushed to Salem Regional Hospital.
Traficant was driving a 1943 Ford tractor about 7:50 p.m. Tuesday at his family farm on West South Range Road about 140 feet into a large pole barn when the vehicle struck a large steel blade on the ground, said Goshen Police Chief Steve T. McDaniel.
That caused the tractor to flip with Traficant still in the vehicle’s seat, but trapped with the tractor on top of him, McDaniel said.
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S.C. trooper stopped a man for a seat belt violation outside Columbia and then shot him
Sept. 4, 2014 traffic stop by Trooper Sean Groubert of a motorist for a seat belt violation. The motorist was shot during the traffic stop when he tried to get his license for the Trooper as requested.
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The Real Reasons For U.S. Airstrikes In Syria - Breaking The Assad Regime

With the recent and ongoing airstrikes launched against Syria by the United States and its “regional” and NATO allies, a number of questions have arisen from a variety of quarters who remain entirely confused as to the ongoing angles of the players involved in the Syrian crisis. Confusion, of course, is a natural state resulting from the mainstream media’s attempt to conceal the fact that the United States and NATO/GCC are entirely responsible for the Syrian crisis to begin with as well as for the massive seizure of territory across Iraq and Syria by ISIS militants. These same media outlets have also played a major role in the obfuscation of the understanding of the crisis by providing false delineations and name changes bound to confuse an American population already afflicted with a short attention span.
With even the basic facts surrounding the Syrian crisis forced into obscurity by mass ignorance of their existence, the facts surrounding the recent US bombing of Syria have also given way to more questions.         ***Read full article here***

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.09.25

The creation of Israel. Charles goes off topic more than usual in this one but talks about America's involvement near the end of the show. (No callers)

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David Duke Show 2014.09.25

Dr. David Duke today has an incredible discussion with the courageous Syrian young lady, "Syrian Partisan Girl" exposing the truth about the Zionist created Syrian conflict and the role Zionist controlled U.S. Policy in the rise of ISIS. In the first news segment Dr. Duke reports that Jewish extremist blackmail has failed against the Medical Journal Lancet, and that new barriers are being broken worldwide in the exposure of Zionist power over media, banking and politics in the West. Jewish extremists are hysterical that some of the leading medical doctors and researchers in the world are now linking to and sharing David Duke videos. Then... Syrian Girl comes on she explains the vicious campaign against her in Australia that was launched because she dared to expose the Jewish Zionist role in the Syrian crisis and the rise of ISIS, how the true interests of the world coincide with the legal government of Syria, but that governments have supported these insane rebels for one reason and one reason only, because Israel and the Zionists hate Syria because it is one of the few nations that have stood up to Israel and would not become Israel's puppet. She talks about how Syria protects the Christians and how most Muslims support the government there and how by supporting the rebels because of the Zio control over America and Europe they have facilitated the rise of ISIS. Finally it is pointed out that American involvement is not needed in Syria, it will only require being fair to the Syrian government and people... if that happens, Syrians will free their nation from the ISIS threat. But if the Government falls, the whole Middle East is likely to fall to the fanatics. Incredible show today! Spread it far and wide!

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Black "Representative" Charlie Rangel wants to reinstate the Draft and send all you young white crackers off to fight the Jews wars for them.

*Ready to send your kids off to fight and die for the Jews White America?*
Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) is a combat veteran and former Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee.
"As a Korean War veteran, I know the plight of war. Our military is the best in the world, but war is unpredictable and chaotic. In the event that the conflict in Iraq and Syria necessitates American troops on the ground, everyone should share the sacrifices instead of the small few who are already carrying that burden.
For a decade I have been calling for the reinstatement of the draft because our military personnel and their families bear a tremendous cost each time we send them to fight...."

‘ISIS is CIA false flag op, pretext for war inside Syria & Iraq’ - William Engdahl

Propaganda, Brain-washing, Playing Dumb to Avoid the Truth

“And we are all mortal” JFK – June 10, 1963 – American University
Not long after uttering those words in his startling and prophetic commencement address, President John F. Kennedy was publicly executed by terrorists operating from deep within the shadows of the secret state. A symbolic universe was shattered that day and a sense of fear and terror was unleashed into American society. The natural human fear of death was multiplied a thousand-fold as post-traumatic denial settled over the country and the Warren Commission released its fabrications fifty years ago this September 24th. (Did it win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction that year?)
That fear is the air we breathe today. We are choking on fear; trembling.
In a previous article,, I suggested that Americans are propagandized on two levels: culturally and politically. The elite work to scare and discombobulate regular people in various ways. Call it propaganda, brain-washing, mind-control, double-speak, etc. The result is to try and reduce people to muddled, frightened messes. These manipulative machinations generally work.
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Raw Video of the John Crawford Murder by Police at Walmart
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Germany Must Perish! by the Jew Theodore N. Kaufman 1941

This dynamic volume outlines a comprehensive Jewish plan for the extinction of the German nation and the total eradication from the earth, of all her people. Also contained the possible territorial dissection of Germany and the apportionment of her lands.

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Government and Big Pharma is not Afraid of Lying about Autism-linked Vaccines.

Shuffling various disease and disorder labels; the studies claiming there is no link between vaccines and autism; the hoops the government makes parents jump through, in order to try to obtain financial compensation; the legal deal allowing vaccine manufacturers to avoid law suits; the invented cover stories claiming autism begins in utero or is a genetic disorder; the pretension that autism has even been defined---there is no defining diagnostic test for it---
All lies. All avoidances. A child gets a vaccine. The child suffers brain damage. That happens.
That's the truth which the government buries in a mountain of obfuscation.
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*Vaccines cause brain damage: the mothers know
*Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2014.09.24

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