November 16, 2013

Tuskin gets beat down


Scott Horton 2013.11.14

Gareth Porter

Gareth Porter, an independent investigative journalist and historian, discusses why Iran nuclear talks failed and why they will get tougher; the lousy deal ultimately offered up to Iran – probably from Israeli pressure; and the overconfidence in the US’s negotiating position. (Duration: 30:20 — 13.9MB)

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No Agenda Global Radio

Dennis Fetcho, Inside the Eye Live 2013.11.16

Dennis Fetcho, aka "The Fetch", is an American ex-patriot living in Amman, Jordan.  He is the author of the Illuminatus Observor, a blog regarded by many as simply the finest Hermetic Qaballa blog in all of blogdom.  The Fetch also has a second site called"Inside The Eye"
Intelligent media for the politically aware.

Guest Host - Lee Rogers

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AFP PODCAST: The New World Order is Real

Dave Dionisi, former United States military intelligence officer and corporate executive, is the founder and president of the Teach Peace Foundation
, an organization working to educate people in the U.S. and around the world about the New World Order (NWO), specifically the dangers that this secretive cartel pose to the planet.
Dave sat down with Dave Gahary to discuss the NWO, Freemasonry, and the importance of 9-11 in understanding this elite organization, and discusses the first book in his five-part series, Vigilant Christian I: The New World Order, in this informative interview.         Show-page                    AMERICAN FREE PRESS

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The War on Journalism
The term "war on journalism" is an apt description of the current state of affairs because there is a war being waged on the public right now. It is a war for the hearts and minds of the population, and it is being waged by the bought-and-paid for government and the compliant repeaters in the corporate controlled dinosaur media that is bleeding readership and viewership as alternative entities increasingly dominate the information battlefield.
*Twisted Truths
*No Future

Thousands to participate in global 'March Against the Mainstream Media'
The protests will be an "attack against the credibility of the mainstream media in an attempt to steer its viewers away from its lies and towards alternative media sources," the organizers said.
*Twisted Truths
*No Future

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2013.11.15

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Joel Skousen - World Affairs Brief

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - David John Oates - Newsmakers Reverse Speech

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - David John Oates - Newsmakers Reverse Speech

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The International Jew Study Hour 11/14/2013

Benedict Arnold and Jewish Aid in Shady Deal – Episode 73

Zionist Bullshit

Aletho News reposted this article By Mantiq al-Tayr.
(Originally from June 27, 2009.). It is still just as relevant today as it was 4 years ago.

*It must be nice to be a member of a religion that allows, nay encourages, you to steal others people’s land and resources and feel good about it. Then, if anyone objects to your obnoxious disgusting behavior you get to label them as bigots. What a great deal. Want to be an asshole – well here comes your role model.
 Aron U. Raskas  is a Baltimore lawyer,Israeli firster, and blogger for "The Times of Israel", who believes that since he is a Jew he gets to live on land stolen from Palestinians and he thinks this is a “morally sound” thing to do.
I guess he must be fleeing all the anti-Semitism that is rampant in Baltimore. It’s so bad in Baltimore that Zionist slumlord Sam Zell had to buy the local newspaper – no not the Baltimore Jewish Times – but rather the Baltimore Sun – otherwise the Jews would have been driven out from their over forty synagogues there.      (alethonews)