January 26, 2014

Holocaust Told in One Word, 6 Million Times

Abraham H. Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, enlisted three donors to buy 1,000 each and is giving them away: He wants one in the Oval Office and, eventually, on every Passover Seder table. “When he brought me this book I said, ‘Wow, wow, it makes it so real,’ ” said Mr. Foxman, himself a Holocaust survivor. “It’s haunting.”
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Up and out of the sick bed: The Piper Report 1/25/2014

note from MCP–

I return for a 2 hour exposition on ‘Fetzerism,’ beginning with a complete run-down of the debate history and of Jim Fetzer’s “pilpulism” regarding my purported health hoax (or hoaxes).

I have included even a quote from Pete Papaherakles regarding Fetzer’s smears of AFP being an “op” and even one from Willis Carto (who laughed at the opportunity to say something, really giving Fetzer Hell.)

Wonder what this Fetzer Freak will have to say about that?

I contacted both Pete and Willis before the broadcast (which was pre-recorded) and got their quotations with their full knowledge that I would be quoting them on the broadcast.

All credit is due Pete in taking on Dr. Fetzer and rejecting his claim that AFP is an “op.”

Let’s have a “here here” for Pete.

I hope John Tiffany will sing out in approval.

I’m very sorry that John Friend’s “friendship” appears to be in doubt, further feeding fuel to a lot of fires that he’s already set all over the “truth” and “white nationalist” movement(s).

When Julia Foster and John Tiffany and I started to work for The SPOTLIGHT we underwent lie detector tests (I went the the sophisticated voice stress analysis kind; I think Julie and John underwent the old fashioned kind). I’m starting to think perhaps we need to re-institute that. (The tests really make you think that you are a bad ass and make you doubt yourself! I don’t suggest them as pleasurable prospects for anybody. But I sure would be curious to see what would come out of a test of John Friend!)

I also spent a few minutes giving an overview of how much Fetzer’s so-called “contribution” to the JFK debate is really just a compilation of the work of others . . . Fetzer was a fraud from the start.

Have fun listening. Consider all the crap you people have listened to (or, pardon me, even engaged in) regarding Sandy Hook, it might not hurt for you to take two hours and 20 minutes and listen to MY crap. You might even hear something you haven’t already heard or it might clarify something you’d never thought of before.

I’m not too vulgar—a few god damns here and there, but not in a loud Fetzer-style way—and I must surely, at least, invite someone to go to Hell (although I wouldn’t swear to that).


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Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager 1/25/2014

Best Arguments Against Auschwitz

ICC to Prosecute UK Officials for Iraq War Crimes?


The International Jew Study Hour 1/23/2014

America’s Jewish Enigma: Louis Marshall – Episode 81

Voice of Albion 2014.01.26

John Tyndall's Spearhead magazine #301 March 1994
The Eleventh Hour

Chapter 15 – The Racial Controversy
• The Truth is no Defence
• We have taken in refugees to Britain from Poland, Hungary and the Baltic States. None of these have needed Positive Discrimination or have caused riots.
• Enoch Powell’s career advancement came to an end in 1968 when he spoke out against the immigrant invasion. He ended his career on the back benches.
• Nationalist ‘witch hunts’ see people losing their jobs for being associated with the party
A conspiracy is at work when there is an organised and deliberate attempt to conceal even part of the truth. John Tyndall
Rhea page case
Christopher Phillips case

The White Network
Original Post
Paul Hickman' site

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A Fourth Position Radio Show 12.29.2013

I dont even know what to say about this podcast. "What is an Aryan?", Bob aka Wolfwallstreet. Maybe he can pm me a synapsis. The term kike jew more times than you can shake a stick at. lol


Blacklisted Radio Podcast - 2013.01.25

Blacklisted News Radio is hosted by Doug Owen.


This weeks podcast focus's on Syria and Qatar's role in stopping the peace talks, BlackWater's new mission in Iraq, and the war and money talk at Davos. We also look at the reality of Stanley Kubrick's "Dr. Strange Love", and the strange love between Holly Wood Elite and the Political Elite.


Scariest UFO Documentary Ever!


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North Korea Confirms It Has Landed A Man On The Sun

This just in: North Korea has landed a man on the Sun. 17-year-old Hung Il Gong started his journey at 3am this morning, travelling alone, to reach our nearest star, a journey that took him just 4 hours.

A North Korean central news anchorman said during a live broadcast: “We are very delighted to announce a successful mission to put a man on the sun. North Korea has beaten every other country in the world to the sun. Hung Il Gong is a hero and deserves a hero’s welcome when he returns home later this evening”.

Hung is expected back on Earth in just a few hours time, where he will be greeted by his uncle, and supreme leader: Kim Jong-un. Hung traveled in the cover of darkness, as it would protect him from the harsh, and extreme temperatures of the Sun. Hung will also be bringing back some sun spot samples for his uncle, which I’m sure he will show off to the world in a short amount of time.

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They plagiarized Nasa's moon landing story.

Queen Elizabeth and Cameron issued warrants for a pedophile ring?

Today Queen Elizabeth and UK Prime Minister David Cameron were issued arrest warrants. The two were charged with sexual crimes against children as part of an international pedophile ring.

“We have enough evidence to prosecute and hold both the Prime Minister and Queen of England” said ex-Royal Military Policeman Matt Taylor.

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The Insurgent Radio 12.24.2013

Tommy has shots of Scotch and a conversation with Stray Dog from New Joizey. Obama is taken to the woodshed for a few. Merry Christmas to all zionist's and to all zionist's a giant Quenelle.


Ukranians don't play!

Ukraine rioters brutally beat police, storm local admin building.

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Jackal's Den 1.26.2014

The Emperor relaxes with grapes and allows the plebs to express grievances. Youth of today, and why they shouldn't be exterminated . Dealing with Trolls or no trolls. Brian mentions his disdain  and his hatred of Jimhater and all the boys dog Jimhater out. Frank calls in to whip some dumb asses and Sid Vicious jumps him about Christianity and calamity ensues. News with commentary and invaluable insight into these impressive times. This is a continuation of the Renegade roundtable. Hail Caesar