December 15, 2014

Spingola and Friends 12/15/2014

John T. James is the author of A Sea of Broken Hearts: Patient Rights in a Dangerous, Profit-Driven Health Care System and the newly-released book, The Truth About Big Medicine, Righting the Wrongs for Better Health Care at Amazon or from the publisher, Dr. James talks about a new, evidence-based estimate of patient harms associated with hospital care. At least 440,000 people die each year from hospital care, not from their disorder but from medical mistakes. His web site is

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Entitlement Mentality Gone Wild

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Black Thug Life

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David Duke Show 2014.12.15

Dr. Duke has another foundational show based on the release of documents of ISIS in Mosel telling its fanatics that is okay to enslave anyone who does not have the same version of Islam that they preach, and even gives its fanatics to rape and kill women! Dr. Duke then talks about the fact that fundamental Judaism also okays slavery of other people by Jews, along with rape and murder of women, men, children. He gives direct quotations from the Jewish book of laws the Halacha, from the Talmud which make this very clear, as well as all sorts of rape, pedophilia of both little boys and girls by Jews, including Jewish priests and pious ones. It literally gives sanction to these acts. Then he goes into the Jewish control of the world white slavery industry and the horrific degradation and enslavement of tens of millions of Europeans through global Jewish crime syndicates based in Israel. He quotes Jewish run newspapers such as the New York Times in documenting this horrific, Jewish racist reality. Dr. Slattery adds prescient commentary and the show is one of those programs that will shock you and motivate you to act against this globalist evil! Share this show!

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The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt 2014.12.14

Ancestral Heritage

Kyle discusses the National Socialist organization that was dedicated to researching all things related to Germanic ancestry: archaeology, linguistics, religions, symbols, the occult, and more.

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