November 10, 2015

Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2015.11.11

Gilad Atzmon bears witness to the trial of Arthur Topham

Today's guest, ex-Israeli philosopher-musician Gilad Atzmon, may be the world's leading expert on Jewish identity politics. So when Canadian publisher Arthur Topham was charged with "willfully promoting hatred against the Jewish people," hauled into court, and menaced with a possible two-year prison sentence, Gilad flew to Quesnel, British Columbia to appear as an expert witness. (Read Gilad's description of his testimony, "The Expert Witness").

Arthur Topham (who has appeared on Truth Jihad Radio) is a kind, decent person without any apparent hatred in his heart. It is his love of justice, not his hatred of anyone, that led him to criticize Zionism and the dark side of Jewish identity politics. Arthur and his wife Shasta, who is Jewish, have behaved with amazing restraint and decorum during their eight-year ordeal, during which their remodeling business was destroyed.

What was Arthur Topham's alleged crime? Parodying Zionist Jew Theodore Kaufman’s book “Germany Must Perish!” by changing “Germany” to “Israel” throughout the text. This tiny change produced the satirical masterpiece “Israel Must Perish!” – and led Canada’s Zionist Power Configuration to have him jailed on “hate crime” charges!

Who is the REAL hater here - Arthur Topham, or the Zionists like Kaufman who wanted to commit genocide against Germany, and are now committing genocide in Palestine with the full support of the governments of the US and Canada?

And how has Jewish identity politics morphed into genocidal Zionism? If anyone can explain that, it would be Gilad Atzmon.

Also check out my interviews with Arthur Topham:

Arthur Topham puts Zionist double-standards & hypocrisy on trial! (December 17, 2013)

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Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - 11/9/2015

Brandon discusses the Syrian crisis, Russian involvement, Brzezinski's plan for Russia, and the recall effort against vaccine Senator Richard Pan.



Hillary Clinton’s Vaccine Propaganda

In stark contrast to candidate Clinton in 2008 when questions over the safety and effectiveness of vaccines were just coming to the political consciousness of the American people in large numbers, Hillary has now become a vocal cheerleader of Big Pharma and vaccinations.
***Read full article here***

J. Michael Springman: US, not Russia, threatens world order

The Graham Hart Show 2015.11.10

Guest: Charles Giuliani
  • Graham and Martin discuss who and what the Jews are before Giuliani joins the call
  • The hypocrisy of most religious people
  • Charles goes into his usual bible bashing
  • Graham and Charles talk about the Jews
  • Hate speech laws
  • Freemasons
  • (This show should have been four hours long) lol
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Peoples' Internet Radio

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David Duke Show 2015.11.10

Dr. Duke on magic uncle Ben & then Germar Rudolf a true European hero!

Davids' site
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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.11.10

Completion of the Jesuit discussion

Renegade Broadcasting
Renegade Tribune
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GLOBEBUSTERS ep.16 November 9 2015

With former military satellite technician Robin + Bob, TheMorgile, Jeran and Missa

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A View from the Bog


Damascus denounces U.S. unauthorized air raids on Syria
*U.S. in Syria: Stopping the “Arsonist-Firefighter”

September 11: The New Pearl Harbor (full 4+ hrs.)
*9/11 Mega-post

Open Source Ecology Could Change Everything - New World Next Week

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2015.11.09

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Jonathan Emord - Constitutional Patriot Atty

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Bruce Wiseman - The Big Pharma Psych Industry

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Yoichi Shimatsu & Dana Durnford - Fukushima Report

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