October 10, 2014

The Media is manufacturing your consent for war

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Venezuelans Using Bitcoin to Bypass Currency Controls


The 12 Most Awful Products Made By Monsanto

When it comes to pretty well every health-related alternative media platform, the agricultural mega-giant Monsanto is more than a recurring subject. On Collective Evolution alone you’ll find over 9 pages worth of articles at least loosely addressing the company by simply typing “monsanto” into our embedded search.
The reasoning as to why this multinational agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation is such a hot topic is more than well-documented by this point. It’s so well-documented that an entire global march has been founded in protest to the stance and actions taken by this company, the March Against Monsanto. However, the focus of this article is to shed some light on some of the most harmful products that Monsanto has had at least a part in bringing to market, some of which they still stand by to this day.     ***Read full article and see list here***

Army Gives Lifetime Achievement Award to Condoleezza "Mushroom Cloud" Rice

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David Duke Show 2014.10.10

Dr. David Duke has another foundational show today which he begins by going deeply in the basic nature of Judaism, a forbidden topic today. He shows how formal organized Judaism does not not even demand a belief in God, but what it does demand is loyalty to the Jewish tribe.That the fundamental tenets of Judaism are in fact Jewish supremacy and superiority (chosenness) and the fundamental evil of the Gentiles, and especially the people who they consider their ultimate enemy, European mankind. He goes into the psychology hatred against Europeans as shown by the Producer of Saturday night live and the sick, psychopathic Sarah Silverman as demonstrated by a recent SNL broadcast. Dr. Slattery discusses his article on the Sarah Silverman racism and delves with Dr. Duke into Jewish racist psychopathology. Incredible show that you MUST share with the world!

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.10.10

Charles finishes his notes on Omar Torrijos and also the ones from Wednesday's show on David Wilkerson. (No callers)

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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2014.10.09

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Gerald Celente - Trends Come Home 

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Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Dr. Myron Evans - The ECE Theory Of Physics

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Double Punch Re-post - 14

*jewish Promotion

*David Duke Show

Robots Grabbing Your Job. Screwed by the jews again.


Libya v. Goldman Sachs


All jewSTREAM NEWS IS FAKE! German Journalist and Editor Dr. Udo Ulfkatte has just gone public with some shocking admissions.


A Century of jewstream Media Lies

Today’s media is more consolidated than ever. Six giant corporations own 90 percent of MSM, a point underscored by this footage of newscasters from various stations reading identical lines.
But just like Obama’s teleprompter gaffs, the news media encounters its own scripting slipups. Many believe this happened on 9/11, when a BBC commentator reported the collapse of Building No. 7 twenty minutes before it happened.
A script calls for actors. “Witnesses” can be quite effective, as when false testimony about Iraqi soldiers throwing Kuwaiti babies out of incubators spurred American support for the 1991 Gulf War. It was eventually proven that the “anonymous” Congressional witness was Nayirah al-Sabah, the daughter of Kuwait’s ambassador to the U.S., and had been coached on her tearful testimony by the global public relations firm Hill & Knowlton.
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No Agenda Episode 659 - "Mirific!" - 2014.10.09

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