April 26, 2015

The Greed for Ilm Podcast with Walid Darab ep.126 - 2015.04.19

Dr. Kevin Barrett On Yemen

Dr. Kevin Barrett joins me this episode to shed light on the current situation in Yemen. The mainstream media portrays the issue in Yemen as being a “Shia vs Sunni” war and Iran arming the Shia Yemeni Houthis. Of course, anyone with an iota of a brain knows you can’t trust the same “news” source that told us Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. This time around the mainstream media is trying to sell the notion of going to war with Iran. I’m very excited to have Dr. Barrett on the podcast this episode to talk about what really is going on in that region of the world. Dr. Barrett talks about the puppet Yemeni ex-leader, the Houthis, Iran’s role in the conflict and the US-Iran nuclear talks.

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The Solar Storm with Kyle Hunt 2015.04.26

White Lives Matter

Kyle speaks about a number of important subjects, including: the black race riots in Baltimore, anti-White academics, the criminal cabal and their various machinations, conspiracies, theories, and what not.

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The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer 4/26/2015 - Armenian Genocide In Retrospect


Texe Marrs Podcast 4/17/2015 - President Obama’s War Against Netanyahu, the Neocon Jews, and Political Saboteurs

Texe Marrs was the first to report on Obama’s turning away from control by his Jewish masters. First, he threw Israeli spy Rahm Emanuel out of his position as White House Chief of Staff. Now, he has rejected the Jews’ harsh demands for war in Iran. Obama also shocked Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu by ordering the CIA to release publicly its Top Secret report accusing Israel of having stolen American uranium and it’s A-bomb and H-bomb secrets. The CIA says Israel now has hundreds of nuclear bombs, a fact that Israel has lied about and deceived its own people and American citizens for 50 years. Now, Obama insists it is time—after 70 years of occupation—for Israel to give the imprisoned Palestinians their national sovereignty. What will be next? Will the Jewish neocons punish Obama by assassinating him the way they did John F. Kennedy? Be sure to also listen to The Clean Break Doctrine of the Mideast Israeli Hell: Dr. Hesham Tillawi Interview.          TexeMarrs.com

*The Clean Break Doctrine of the Mideast Israeli Hell: Dr. Hesham Tillawi Interview