January 20, 2014

The Realist Report with John Friend 2014.01.20

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Mike King of TomatoBubble.com. Mike and I will be discussing a variety of subjects on this Marxist Loser King Day (Mike's words!), including Edward Snowden, false opposition, and his soon to be released Hitler visits Oprah booklet.

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Spingola Speaks 2014.01.20

Guest: Larry Engel. They talked about the Supernatural Bowl and what viewers might see at this year’s event.

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"Homeland Security": a Jewish racket

The Nonprofit Security Grant Program is essentially a Jewish racket folks.
But the very idea and conception of "Homeland Security" - brought into existence and justified by the events of 9/11 - comes from the minds of Jewish and Israeli academics, intellectuals, and public policy makers. 9/11 was planned, organized, and executed largely by Jewish criminals and propagandists residing in the United States and the Jewish state of Israel...
All of the policies associated with "Homeland Security" and the fraudulent "Global War on Terror" come directly from Israeli and Jewish advisors, strategists, and public policy makers. The "Homeland Security" and "Global War on Terror" paradigms are Jewish rackets, serving a tyrannical international Jewish agenda of world domination. It is time we started making these connections, and recognize what this agenda is all about.

Thomas Sheridan - Don't talk to goats.

How to Wake Friends Up Without Losing Them - Thomas Sheridan

David Duke Show 2014.01.20

Dr. David Duke and Dr. Patrick Slattery Today. Discussion begins on effects of the War Between the States and the strange facts of how it impacted facilitated the decades later takeover of the United States. Then the show goes into the Second World War and how the Zionists financiers supported the Bolshevist revolutionaries that eventually committed the worst genocide in World History and ultimating resulting in the establishment of the Zionist State and the Zio Globalist power today that dominates most nations. Dr. Slattery and Dr. Duke also discuss the movie wolf of Wolf of Wall Street and how the Zionists portray their European American competitors and support their own agenda, and finally they discuss how the Senate is now controlled by the Zionists who sets policies that go against the findings of American top intelligence agencies who have found that Iran has no nuclear bomb program! (Just a copy and paste)

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.01.20

Synopsis pending.

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No Agenda - NA584 - 2014.01.19 - "Hybrid Pigs"

PR;TODAY;SnowJob;F-Russia;Gay PR Redux;CYBER Target[s];Turkey;Shut Up Slave!;War on Crazy;2030;Obama Nation;TransEurasian Railway;MinCome;Benghazi;Doubts over Common Core;BTC;Bank$ters;Out There;Trains Good, Planes Bad(whoo Hoo!);Agenda 21;Sandy Hook and other topics of interest on the Sunday Show.

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Da Dik Dik shoah 1.19.2013

 Wondering what is going on in the White Nationalist and/or Christian Identity Movements? This is where to find out. Uncensored and frank analysis. Explicit language.Hosted by: DickReltney
VTsaxxon promoted this. I've not listened to it yet. Maybe mami's listeners can give it a run and leave some feedback in the comments. The songs are original and rough, but entertaining.


The Jackal's Den

"What Unity Is, and How We Can Achieve It"
Brian Kernighan, news, Bill Rise calls in and talks a lot. The boys are actually sober tonight and rarely use the phrase "muh dik". All Hail Caesar!