January 20, 2014

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.01.20

Synopsis pending.

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wanda said...

So that's the deal on the Target card... very interesting.

Can't wait till we are able to participate in calls Charlie.

Anonymous said...

What is the "deal" on the Target situation?

Would someone be kind-enough to give a brief explanation here?


wanda said...

Jeeze Lindsey... Charlie only talks about it in the first three minutes of the podcast.

I have to wonder now... do you even listen to these?

Anonymous said...

No, I do not, to answer your question very directly; that is why I asked for a brief synopsis so as to not waste-my-time.



Unknown said...

Hey wanda, you attract more bee's with honey. Get it?

wanda said...

At least that's honest Lindsey.

Okay... let me spend 15 minutes typing an explanation out for you so you so you don't have to waste your time listening to the first three minutes. Because that's logical.


consti2... No, i don't "get" what you are trying to infer.

Do you find my critical thinking off putting? Should i exhibit more herd mentality?

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for being so rude and direct, so let me re-phrase my point:

NONE of us have the time to listen to all of these programs, so we all must choose carefully how we spend our time, and not spend that time on something that will just take-up time that can be spent better somewhere/somehow else.

With-all-due-respect to the hosts, it is incumbent upon them--if they really care about people taking-the-time to listen to their broadcasts--to spend two or three minutes writing a synopsis of the material discussed, and ESPECIALLY including any auxilliary material, like articles and/or videos.

I hope that this explains better my very terse response.


wanda said...

Thank you Lidsey... that's respectable.

But do me a favor and listen to the first three minutes. Certainly you can find the time for that. LOL.

Anonymous said...

sorry Charlie, you don't get it, he's in no shape to write summaries. probe only reason he shwd up todayz was b/c #anonymous sent him an email telling him it doesn't matter if he showz up or not, b/c #anonymous outed him as lieing in his friendz basement & crying like a little girl. just find ur courage, it's hiding over there in the other corner of that basement, underneath the bottle.
see, no everyone knows what he is doing when he does no showz, so he might as well showz.

anyways, the trych movement is a sham, but that's a story for anoher dayz

Unknown said...


Here is critical thinking: when a fellow ally asks you a simple question why not just answer it instead of being rude? The point is exactly what Lindsey stated: some people don't have time to listen to everything so they pick and choose the shows that fit into their schedule. So was it too much to ask when someone politely asks a question?

but obviously you are much smarter than me. Honestly I have never considered you to be a 'critical thinker'.