May 14, 2020

Yes, the policies are insane

But it is highly suspect to me that for 19 years no word about 9/11was ever allowed to be said but now in the spam of two to three months the MSM is going after this Bullshit? let"s not forget the chaimtrails and "global warming".

Come on. What game are they playing here?

Do they want a revolution?

Fetcho is right about this

Fetcho knows the obvious which is having people who have health issues wearing masks which lowers the oxygen intake that they need. Duh!

I have not listen to the whole show but this is true. Remember that taxi driver going around Las Vegas when the shooting happened.? What are the odds that this driver was a tranny?

It's a great show so far.

Good for you Fetch. Not surprised that it's going well for you on the jew numbers. All I was doing was editing the show.

The Country Where They Didn't Lockdown!

       Belarus, one of the few normal countries left in the world. An amusing little vlog interspersed with WW2 propaganda (those pesky Germans!). He even meets an Irishman. Yep, we get around!   

Harlem Hospital Center May 13, 2020

Latest offering from Lincoln Karim. Fake news, fake protests, fake pandemic, fake everything. He's had countless videos of ambulances zooming around and EMTs taking out an empty stretcher, going inside hospital and then leaving 1/2 hour later with an empty stretcher - Busy work for movie.
Also, he's made it clear in a subtle way that he knows who is behind this hoax.