November 19, 2014

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2014.11.19

The Inflation Genie Is Out of the Bottle

-The inverted yield curve is geeky money stuff but curious and interesting to understand for us dollar consumers.
-We walk through the process since 2008 and the money transfers that have gone on between the owners of the FED to the big banks, (essentially themselves)
-Andy says The Boys are on a buying spree, purchasing all depressed assets and commodities, and he believes the dollar has topped out.
-Whoever spends the new money first wins the game
-What is The Keystone really about?
-Baby boomers continue to hoard money as shown in MZM numbers
-Bail ins made official at the g-20 in Australia last weekend.
-ISIS issuing their own gold and silver coin money is significant
-The Swiss Gold Referendum is coming soon and significant
-The old traditional store of stores, Sears has fallen by the wayside
-Executive order 11110 by JFK
-Andy gives us his historical perspective when asked, “Who killed Kennedy?” as a preview of tomorrow’s show, (Nov. 20), with Robert Morningstar
-What is Putin up to and what kind of leverage does he truly have
-U.S. stays we the people have 8,000 tonnes of gold. Do they?
-The difference between commodity money and real money

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10 Reasons Why Flu Shots Are More Dangerous Than The Flu!

Flu shots are indeed more dangerous than you could think, and it is best to rely on natural ways to protect against the flu rather than getting yourself vaccinated.
Isn’t it interesting that the main stream public health officials never promote the various proven ways to avoid the flu other than through vaccination?  How about spending some of the billions of advertising dollars teaching us natural ways to boost our immune systems and avoid the flu without harmful and sometimes deadly vaccinations.
***Read full article and see videos here***

The medical shadow government

Over the last 50 years, tireless researchers have uncovered and revealed the existence of various elites that control governments and populations:
Banks, super-banks, the military-industrial complex, intelligence agencies, psyop propagandists, Wall Street, and so forth and so on.
For some reason, these researchers, many of them, have a blind spot when it comes to the ongoing operations of a shadow medical government.
Blind spot. And also fear. Fear of criticism and ridicule for exposing sacred sacraments of society—like vaccination.
Like psychiatry.
Like (phony) epidemics.
This tells you how strong and pervasive the pro-medical propagandists are. How much media power they wield. How much science they can fabricate. How thoroughly they can discredit and exile their critics, when those critics cut too close to the bone and expose too much truth.          ***Read full article here***

The People Speak with Rock Cash 2014.11.18


Guest: John Barbour JFK assassination.

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David Duke Show 2014.11.19

Dr. David Duke has an amazing intro revealing the hidden truth that the synagogue attack in Jerusalem was a hotbed of extremists calling for the genocide of Palestinian men, women and children. Dr. Duke firmly condemns the attack as he consistently does any acts of murder of terrorism no matter who commits them, but he does show the incredible bias of the international media that is outraged at the death of 5 Jewish adults but it absolutely silent about the murder of maiming of thousands of Palestinian children. Then Dr. Duke brings on Dr. Patrick Slattery and Don Black and they have powerful discussion of the merging of right and left on the subject of Jewish supremacism and they also discuss the importance of Dr. Duke's publishing and introduction to Jack London's The Mutiny of the Elsinore. A truly great show that you should share.

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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2014.11.18

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Jonathan Emord - Patriot Attorney

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Jay Weidner - A Conversation

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Jim Kirwan - The View From SF

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US-Armed Syrian Opposition “Surrenders” to Al Qaeda?

Al Qaeda affiliates are suddenly now Islamic State (ISIS) affiliates, and entire groups of militants the US has been arming, funding, and training are “surrendering” to Al Qaeda, bringing along with them a large number of US weapons. Is this a failure of US foreign policy? Or is this simply a rhetorical means to explain away what appears to be an immense army of extremists the US is once again building up to direct at one of its enemies, just as it did in Afghanistan in the 1980s?
In late September, just in time to aid the US in its fumbling justification for bombing Syria, terrorists allegedly beheaded a French tourist kidnapped in the North African nation of Algeria. The timing, as with previous ISIS executions, was impeccable, lending maximum propaganda value, not to the terrorist organization, but to the United States which has utilized each grisly murder as a means for direct and continued military intervention on both sides of the Syrian-Iraqi border.
ISIS is clearly a conglomeration of existing terrorist organizations apparently from as far as North Africa to the Caucasus Mountains of southern Russia and everything in between. In addition to AQIM, Al Nusra and many other extremist factions either allied with or fighting alongside what the US calls the Syrian opposition, are also affiliated with and fighting in support of ISIS. This is basically what Al Qaeda was, before what can only be described as a marketing gimmick “ISIS” was coined.           ***Read full article here***

*Obama admits that his public ISIS strategy is wrong, Bashar al-Assad must be deposed
*ISIS is America’s Dream Rebel Army
*ISIS: the Useful Enemy
*U.S. Destroying Syria’s Oil Infrastructure Under Guise of Fighting ISIS
*Meanwhile, Whatever Happened to Al Qaeda??
*'Terrorism a tool at the hands of imperialism'
*There is no evidence that Muslims committed the crime of 9/11