February 09, 2020

55 Truly Stunning Facts about the United Nations

I have come to recognize the stealthy policy operation of UN oozing into peoples lives at the city level. It appears they use the corporate legal fictions and occult bankruptcy schemes that have been extremely successful in forwarding an agenda of societal takeover by mascaraing as a champion for environmental issues and human rights causes that make them sound wonderful. Nothing could be further from the truth. In Canada i see the actors/pirates from the List of United Nations organizations pushing policies at the city level and so many of these policies are sweeping the earth at this level and locally elected lackey's at the city level and municipal jurisdictions implementing these UN policies that go relatively unchallenged and they operate more with the UN than with national/state/provincial governments . Below is an interesting article that should give you some insight how this Global force operates in plain site but continues to appear innocuous and insignificant on a daily basis by Joe six pack. There are some very interesting claims concerning the status of New York and even the validity of Trump's right to the presidency. It certainly is worth investigating further on a point by point basis. It would not surprise me though given the complete ignorance we collectively operate our daily lives in. Most of us have little understanding of our corporate slave status we silently acquiesce to in our trusting ignorance.

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