October 29, 2023

How, What, When and Why Acapulco Was Destroyed… And Who! - Dollar Vigilante + Geoengineering Watch - Dane Wigington + What’s in The Air at Nighttime? - Jane Tande + Eyes Is Watchin + Trumpenstein Kisses jew Ass Again For The MIC - Gregory Mannarino + In The Air Tonight - The Boatrawker


The Scorpio International Holding Company LLC with Scorpio 2023.10.29

The Scorpio show #7 on RBN.
  Topics include:

           1) The Tone Deaf Singing Songs

           2) The People of the Hoax
           3) Real Estate Investment Opportunities

           4) Simplicity vs Distraction: The View from 33,000 ft

Feel free to email Scorpio at drscorpicusmaximus@gmail.com

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