July 02, 2014

Iraq Veterans Against The War statement on the crisis in Iraq

When the United States invaded and occupied Iraq, the formerly secular country was destabilized. The United States and the Department of Defense intentionally created and agitated sectarian divisions that would not have otherwise existed. The result of this is what we see today, and Iraqi civilians are paying for it.
Iraqis have been paying with their lives for this war since March 2003. After 10 years of US occupation they were left with little relief. Their economic infrastructure was destroyed and new work to repair it has been awarded to US corporations and contractors, instead of to Iraqis. Iraqi labor unions face frequent retaliation, and an entire generation of children has been born with severe birth defects in places like Hawija. No one has been held to account. No effort has been made to clean the waste left behind.
When it comes to arming "freedom fighters" the US has a tendency to act as a fair-weather friend; today's freedom fighter becomes tomorrow's terrorist and justification to pursue an illegal invasion. Instead of creating more chaos, we should be solving the problems that already exist. Instead of installing another puppet president, the United States should be cleaning up environmental contamination, investigating allegations of torture, and allowing democracy to blossom in both government and labor, without US intervention.      ***Read full article here***
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GMOs in USDA Organic Food

USDA certified organic foods may be corrupted by genetically modified organisms. This presentation reveals the federal statutes that actually allow for this to happen, by way of "careless" verbiage.

Actor Gary Oldman faces jew backlash

British actor Gary Oldman, who has starred in dozens of blockbuster Hollywood films including Air Force One, Harry Potter and the Dark Knight series, was recently taken to task for comments he made in the latest issue of Playboy magazine.
In the Playboy interview, the 56-year-old film star vented his dislike of political correctness in all its forms. Oldman voiced his disapproval of what happened to Mel Gibson after the notorious “anti-Semitic rant” in 2006. Casually defending Gibson, Oldman said: “Mel Gibson is in a town that’s run by Jews and he said the wrong thing because he’s actually bitten the hand that I guess has fed him. But some Jewish guy in his office somewhere hasn’t turned and said, ‘That f—–g kraut’ or ‘F— those Germans,’ whatever it is?”
“It’s the hypocrisy of it that drives me crazy,” Oldman declared.
The Zionist Anti-Defamation League and their mouthpieces in the mass media verbally assailed Oldman for this lone remark about Jewish control of the movie business and what he sees as the hypocrisy of the Jewish establishment who have expressed clear prejudices against Germans while policing every little negative remark about Jews in the public sphere.      ***Read full story here***
*Who Controls Hollywood? 

Shots In The Dark: Silence on Vaccine

Following the increase in cases of autism and other immune disorders among some particularly vulnerable people, several recognized specialists are questioning the safety of large-scale vaccination. Despite the serious side effects, pharmaceutical companies, the medical profession and government authorities continue to bury their heads in the sand, refusing to see a serious problem. In Quebec, the United States and France, as in most industrialized countries, victims are almost without recourse despite the high toxicity of substances such as mercury and aluminum contained in vaccines. With this hard-hitting documentary, Lina B. Moreco highlights a very worrying public health problem.

Voice of Albion with Paul Hickman 2014.07.02

Kevin McHugh is a British Nationalist who joined John Tyndall’s BNP in the mid 1980′s. He has stood at the local and parliamentary level on several occasions.
Paul Hickman (a Pagan) and Kevin McHugh (a Catholic) discuss Bishop Richard Williamson and ‘Vatican II’.
• Kevin’s time in Switzerland training to be a Catholic Priest
• Kevin meets Richard Wiliamson before he was Ordained a Bishop
• Bishop Marcel Lefebvre Ordains Williamson
Society of St Pius X expels Bishop Williamson for disobedience
The 2nd Vatican Council – a break from tradition and the Latin Mass
• Bishop Williamson denies the Holocaust on Swedish TV and refuses to recant
• Bishop Richard Williamson legal battles

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The Return of Tyr with Drew 2014.07.01

On tonight’s show I will be interviewing Kevin Sommers from The Glaciers March, and The Renegade Tribune. We discuss his medical history, personal awakening, spirituality, and Pagan concepts. For more information on Kevin’s story: Who is Kevin Sommers

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The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2014.07.02

Independence Day Special

-Patrick tells us how he was first introduced to Andrew and his work
-Some of the good things about the U.S.; everyone in the world still want to be here, so it can’t be all bad
-Our founders intended for free people with issuance of their own money
-The Declaration of Independence is more than just a dusty document
-Andrew explains ‘common law’
-There is no money as it relates to the Constitution, there is no jury trial as it relates to the Constitution; how have we gotten here?
-How with the ‘war on drugs’ we’ve given away all of our rights
-We listen to the Declaration of Independence read by celebrities
-How was The Revolutionary War financed?
-A word about freedom of speech
-The First Bank of North America in 1792 was a private bank – Why on Earth would the Colonists borrow printed money rather than print it themselves?
-Andrew makes a case against buying bonds
-Deep explanation from Andy on what the “Bond Bubble” is all about
-China cooking the books on gold backed loans
-Don’t Cry for me Argentina – Defaulting on bonds – again
-Listener asks about Donald Trumph’s assertion that “Country is in financial ruin…”
-China buying 1 Chase Plaza from JP Morgan at bargain basement prices. Why such a deal?
-Hear Andy’s stock holdings portfolio

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.07.02

Ancient Egypt part 3. (1 caller)

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David Duke Show 2014.07.02

Dr. David Duke has amazing show exposing the complete double standard of wall to wall coverage of any crimes against Israeli civilians but essentially ignoring the ten to twenty times greater Palestinian civilian deaths at the hands of Israeli terrorism. Even more telling is that the Israeli mass, collective terrorist attacks on Palestinians is justified by the media without any condemnation, while individual responses to horrific Zionist crimes for decades are splashed across the front pages. Dr. Duke points out that any terror against innocent people is morally wrong. He also exposes today the fact that the Jewish controlled media in the Western World blocks criticism of Israeli crimes while it is much more discussed in the Israeli media for Jewish consumption. He compares it to the way that when a nation conquers others, the conquerors can debate policy and issues, but the conquered are not allowed to criticize their rulers. Finally Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery discuss the the Israeli racial marriage laws and the incredible hypocrisy of the Western media and governments in not condemning those policies as they would any sate that those same marriage prohibitions in reverse. Great Show, save and Share!

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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2014.07.01

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - George Filer - MUFON UFO Report

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Tim Rifat - The Great Putin Betrayal

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Dean Henderson - Ukraine Genocide

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Half a Million People to EPA: Stop ‘Largest Expansion of a Known Toxic Herbicide’

At question is Dow AgroSciences’ Enlist Duo herbicide, a mix of 2,4-D and glyphosate—the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup—made to be used on 2,4-D ready corn and soybean crops. Dow states that its proprietary blend “will control and help prevent further development of herbicide-resistant weeds” on the genetically engineered crops. Food safety, environmental and health watchdogs, however, say that it’s an unsustainable and harmful approach to dealing with the problem of herbicide-resistant weeds, or “superweeds,” that exist because of the systemic issues underlying the “genetically engineered crop strategy” that keeps farmers on a “pesticide treadmill.”       ***Read full article here***

The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9-11

You *KNOW* They were really the ones behind 9/11.

*It IS important to keep reminding people about the truth behind the 9/11 events:Namely the  suspicious behaviour of a Mossad team,and other israeli's on the day itself. The MSM has consistantly refused to seriously investigate and expose their actions - not surprising as Jews actually run the MSM itself for their own advantage. Well Done MeHo Rivero for continuing to point this stuff out.*

A Mossad surveillance team made quite a public spectacle of themselves on 9-11.
The New York Times reported Thursday that a group of five men had set up video cameras aimed at the Twin Towers prior to the attack on Tuesday, and were seen congratulating one another afterwards.
Police received several calls from angry New Jersey residents claiming "middle-eastern" men with a white van were videotaping the disaster with shouts of joy and mockery.
"They were like happy, you know … They didn't look shocked to me" said a witness.
They were seen by New Jersey residents on Sept. 11 making fun of the World Trade Center ruins and going to extreme lengths to photograph themselves in front of the wreckage.