June 10, 2015

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2015.06.10

Whoever Owns the Gold, Makes the Rules

-Free trade hypocrisy
-Sovereign debt defaults and corporate debt defaults; it’s a slow motion train wreck
-15% of the people on Medicare use half the money
-Fast tracking the TPP; Andrew says, “it’s a done deal”
-It’s worse today than in 2007-2008; how will we weather this storm? Cash in the bank is a very dangerous thing to have right now
-The future of our aging population; what will happen when Medicare stops paying the bills?
-Rigging the Presidential campaign of 1896
-ISIS: Just another out of control CIA creation
-Andy explains what ‘currency raiders’ do
-The woes of HSBC
-Andy sheds some more light on how countries’ currency are all pegged to the dollar without any concerns of their gold reserve
-Donald Trump will run for president on the Republican side-is he the right candidate? He is starting to say all the right things-impose tariffs etc..calling the other candidates mediocre at best, “clowns..” Andy weighs in
-Does a loan count as income as far as the IRS is concerned?
-Andy elaborates on the topic of numismatic coin oxidation and toning
-Thinking of life insurance? Andrew recommends term life
-Andrew talks home based businesses
-Advice on buying Queen Isabela quarters

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SnowShoeFilms 2009 "Wellstone: They Killed Him"


The Graham Hart Show 2015.06.09

Guest Dennis Wise and Graham discuss:
  • The Greatest Story Never Told and Why Dennis created the documentary
  • The effect of the documentary on people
  • Pearl Harbor
  • General WWII history
  • Multiple topics...etc
(Music edited out to avoid DMCA notices)

NB: At the start of the show, Graham plays a short tribute that Vin made on Sunday about John Harris' suicide. If you think he was killed, then listen to this show and tell me that this guy wasn't depressed and hiding it behind a few bottles. Like Vin said: " Unless you have some proof, shut the hell up! "

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"UK govt. cannot talk about human rights as it arms Riyadh"

British activists are demanding the UK government stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia over its aggression in Yemen.

David Duke Show 2015.06.10

Dr. Duke started the show with an explanation of the existential threat that the European people are under and how this came about and who is responsible for it. This led to a discussion of Ann Coulter's book on immigration and whether it does more harm than good. The book certainly has its merits, but it has glaring shortcomings as well. Dr. Slattery offered his opinion that ultimately the impact the book has depends on whether other people can capitalize on the buzz it creates and get the full argument against open immigration to the public.
This led to a broader discussion on the value and dangers of work done by people of kosher perspectives, whether they be anti-Zionist Zionists or goyim who work in the Zio-media like Coulter. The two doctors agreed that these people may do valuable work, but cannot be allowed to define the narrative because they will always lead the movement to defeat as they hide the responsibility of the Jewish supremacists who are responsible for the dangers faced by the European peoples and in fact all of humanity, as the Jewish supremacists use the power created by European societies in their drive for world domination.

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Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.06.10

Was Daniel Boone a Jew?

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US Intelligence Responds ''No Comment'' To Questions Of Support for ISIS

After all, every action the US took in terms of its policy toward AQI/ISIS resulted in strengthening the organization. Even more so, when one comes to understand the fact that the ISIS/AQI was entirely created by the United States and NATO to begin with, the story of what is happening in the Middle East becomes that much clearer. In other words, it was the open admission of support for ISIS – in un-redacted official form – was surprising. The actual support for ISIS, unfortunately, was not.
With growing reports in the alternative (but notable silence amongst the mainstream) press, it was almost inevitable that the corporate media or the intelligence apparatus would have to address what they surely deem publicly to be a “conspiracy theory.”
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Reports: Israel made & exploded bombs laced with nuclear materials


4 Ways to Spot Big Pharma's Astroturfing and Media Manipulation

Studies show - that people are gullible enough to believe anything if it appears on TV and sounds authoritative. Really?

Giant corporations and any other entities that pretty much own the entire galaxy - or act as though they do - have a tendency toward the chameleon behavior of astroturfing because it works so well.

Astroturfing involves appearing just like a grassroots movement, but one that also hides the true wizardly sponsor and its intentions behind the curtain.
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Brandon Turbeville on Red Line - June 4, 2015

The US Congress endorsed National Security Agency reform in an historic vote for the US Freedom Act, seen by some as a major win for the exiled whistleblower.
The so-called Freedom Act is the successor to the Patriot Act’s specific provisions on domestic surveillance, and the main change it brings is that telecommunications providers, not the government, will store customers’ data instead. Critics have decried the Freedom Act as not doing enough to abide by the Fourth Amendment, which guarantees Americans freedom from unlawful searches and seizures. Snowden himself commemorated it for being a step in the right direction, but expressed dissatisfaction that it didn’t go far enough in protecting Americans’ privacy.
Seen by some as a controversial and divisive figure, Snowden, nevertheless, was the one who made the world aware of the NSA’s controversial domestic spying programs, and the Freedom Act wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for his courageous whistleblowing.



Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2015.06.09

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