July 04, 2013

Cali. Cop Blames Dead Dog On Owner In Strange Facebook Rant

Leon Rosby Interview EMOTIONAL

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Scott Horton 2013.07.03

First interview Jason Leopold

Al Jazeera journalist Jason Leopold discusses the widespread breakdown of safeguards at Gitmo that contributed to prisoner Adnan Latif’s death in 2012; the Guantanamo policy changes that brought on the prisoner hunger strike; and the bipartisan political opportunism that kept Latif imprisoned despite being cleared for release by the Bush and Obama administrations. (Duration: 30:50 — 7.1MB)

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Second interview Will Grigg

Will Grigg, author of Liberty in Eclipse, discusses the FOX propaganda line on NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and Russia’s extradition refusal; why the US more closely resembles an evil Leninist empire than does Russia; our above-the-law, “soft totalitarian” government; and the European sky-piracy carried out against Bolivian President Evo Morales. (Duration: 31:33 — 7.2MB)

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Spingola Speaks 2013.07.04

Guest: 30.06 talks about Propaganda and Government and the role of each

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The Jim Traficant Show 2013.07.03

Former 17-year Ohio Congressman Jim Traficant tells it like it is, in two hours of non-stop commentary and analysis on the issues that no one else will dare to touch.




AFP Radio Network 7/2/2013

AFP Roving Editor Mark Anderson interviews Phyllis Young, a site leader at Rachel's Vineyard, which counseld women to deal with the pain of abortion--as this issue is addressed as Texas enters another special legislative session to consider passing the nation's strictest anti-abortion law.


American Free Press


Jewrald Celente Unleashed - taken from Infowars.com

"This is the most powerful Jewrald Celente Video ever. He talks about what is facing our nation and some of the biggest solutions that you can use in your life."

July 4th is About the Right to Secede from a Corrupt Federal Government Unfit to Govern a Free People.

Texans. probably the only real chance to regain independence ...
The recent course of current events today as well as back in 1776 do hold very similar parallels. Like the founders as of today. They have tried every peaceful means petitioning working with the system trying to resolve redressing grievances with a political solution. As of today as well back before 1776. The response by those in government was as outlined in the Declaration of independence was:
In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. (thelonestarwatchdog.com)

Mark Glenn's The Ugly Truth Broadcast 7/3/2013

Michael Collins Piper joins the program to discuss the recent NSA spying ‘revelations’ and how this is an Israeli operation aimed at pressuring Obama into launching military actions against Syria, Iran and Russia.   Show-page      ***THE NSA***

Companies With Ties to ISRAEL and NSA

NSA, the secret AT&T spy room, and 2 Israeli companies 

Israeli Involvement in NSA Spying 

Israel cyber-spying on US with impunity 

Israel’s cyberwar operations against U.S. 

Israel-Mossad Banned News Report 



How I celebrate Independence day

Call for independence from the Neocons and Israel centric psychopaths that run US foreign policy.

CORBETT REPORT: What is the endgame? - Questions For Corbett

In this edition of the ongoing Questions For Corbett podcast series, James answers your questions on: wireless mesh networking, Snowden and limited hangouts, how to buy gold, how to use The Corbett Report website, the GMO/fluoride agenda, the endgame of the powers that shouldn't be and much, much more.

Zionist jew responsible for bombing Argentinian jewish center

"Now we know why they want independent media silenced! These Apartheid Zionists in the past 300 years have planned aggressively to dominate most of key decision making positions in Finance, Human Resources, Law, Politics, Media, etc."

Bradley Manning Trial: U.S. Government Rests Its Case

Sketch of Judge Denise Lind by Clark Stoeckley.
Activist Post spoke to Nathan Fuller at Bradleymanning.org and was given gracious permission to reprint his daily firsthand reports, which you can find below with additional updates, commentary, and video that provides a comprehensive chronicle of events.
Two full weeks of proceedings have now concluded with the government resting its case against Bradley Manning. Day 14 ended with a closed-door session that extended from yesterday with DIA agent, Daniel Lewis, who was admitted as an expert in counterintelligence.

19 Reasons To Be Deeply Concerned About The Global Economy As We Enter The 2nd Half Of 2013

"It's the economy,Stupid!"
Is the global economic downturn going to accelerate as we roll into the second half of this year?  There is turmoil in the Middle East, we are seeing things happen in the bond markets that we have not seen happen in more than 30 years, and much of Europe has already plunged into a full-blown economic depression.  Sadly, most Americans will never understand what is happening until financial disaster strikes them personally.

Cockatoos crack lock-picking puzzle

You might be harbouring an Avian "Raffles"! Lock up your Valuables.
Cockatoos can pick their way through a series of locks to reach a reward, scientists have found.
Researchers presented 10 birds with a box containing a cashew nut treat, which they could reach by removing five different interlocking devices. Article and Video at bbc.co.uk.

Max French's The Victory Hour Broadcast July 2, 2013

Max French with News and Commentary for July 2, 2013.


High-Level US Government Officials Have Warned for 40 Years that Mass Surveillance Would Lead to Tyranny in America

Listen to What Insiders Say About Mass Surveillance


Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser – a key American foreign policy architect (Zbigniew Brzezinski) – wrote in 1970:
The [future] era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.            ***Read article at WASHINGTON'S BLOG***


U.S. Has Nothing to Say About 10-Year-Old Killed in Drone Strike

On June 9, a U.S. drone fired on a vehicle in a remote province of Yemen and killed several militants, according to media reports. It soon emerged that among those who died was a boy – 10-year-old Abdulaziz, whose elder brother, Saleh Hassan Huraydan, was believed to be the target of the strike. A McClatchy reporter recently confirmed the child’s death with locals.

"Remember they hate us for our freedom." If you say it enough times........

What’s With All These Unnecessary Cop-On-Canine Killings?

The shocking video of the Hawthorne, CA Police Department gunning down an innocent man’s Rottweiler, who was doing nothing more than coming to his master Leon Rosby’s aid after he was being falsely detained for obstruction, was arguably the viral-video-of-day for July 2nd, 2013. It was the latest in what seems to be a disturbingly high number of Cop-on-Canine assassinations in the United States which have occurred within the last few years. Many still remember a surreal video from New York City in the late summer of 2012, in which a small dog, barely 20-inches tall, was shot several times on a crowded street in Manhattan. The dog was merely protecting it’s owner who was lying on the street having a seizure, and by protecting I am literally talking about all bark and no bite. That did not stop two officers on the scene from drawing their weapons and unloading into the small dog without any hesitation, after the animal had approached one of the officers.  The fact that those officers truly believed they faced enough “danger” to warrant such a drastic response, and that afterwards the writhing and twitching dog still might have posed enough of a threat to maintain their grandstanding defensive power stance in front of so many horrified witnesses, is really quite pathetic.
***Read article at Ingenious Press***

Dog Killer Cop Killed Man with Down Syndrome as a Rookie 

The Origin Of 'The World's Dumbest Idea': Milton Friedman

No popular idea ever has a single origin. But the idea that the sole purpose of a firm is to make money for its shareholders got going in a major way with an article by Milton Friedman in the New York Times on September 13, 1970.

***Read article at Forbes***

Facebook Pages Promote Killing Zimmerman, Rioting for Trayvon

Good Question?!
Earlier this week, Facebook faced criticism for removing a post written by Fox News radio personality Todd Starnes.
Facebook apparently operates under a double standard. A Fox News radio host is removed for making a politically incorrect joke while people who say they want to commit murder and incite rioting are allowed to stay. (rinf.com)

This Thorium Reactor Has the Power of a Norse God - if they ever existed!

Nuclear Power...Exists? Or Not Exists?
This stuff could very well revolutionize nuclear power. Thorium-MOX can be formed into rods and used in current generation (Gen II) nuclear reactor with minimal retrofitting. Ceramic thorium has a higher thermal conductivity and melting point than uranium, meaning it can operate at a lower (and safer) internal pellet temperature with less chance of a meltdown, fewer fission gas emissions, and extended fuel cycles. (gizmodo.com)

5 Sneaky Ways Fundamentalists Are Trying To Slip Christian Creationism Into America’s Public Schools

Umm...Let's Not!
Evolution is the linchpin of modern biology. Young people who don’t understand it are missing out on an entire range of educational and career opportunities. Certain professional fields can be closed off to them.
Despite this, some public schools in America do all they can to avoid teaching evolution. Thanks to constant pressure from the Religious Right, many public schools are battlegrounds in a culture war that does great damage to our nation’s scientific credibility as creationists work overtime to slip their ideas into the curriculum. (alternet.org)

July 4: Obama to exhume, posthumously hang Paul Revere for spying, treason

Oh, Good Grief!!
President Obama announced at a White House press conference today that Paul Revere would be exhumed and posthumously hanged for spying, domestic terrorism, and treason on July 4th outside his home that still stands in Boston.President Obama: Mr. Revere spied on his own government and revealed national security secrets to domestic terrorists that killed 73 and wounded 174 government troops. These brave soldiers had lawful orders to enforce gun control. If it’s one thing we learned from American history, it’s that public acceptance of gun control prevents terrorist attacks on American soil. (File Under Satire - www.examiner.com).

July 4: Reflections on the 4th of July & the Continued Fight for Freedom

You need to re-read this document!
Every year as the 4th of July approaches, I am reminded of the accomplishments of one of my ancestors more than 200 hundred years ago.
He was the only one of this nation’s Founding Fathers involved in the drafting of every one of the key founding documents of America, the Albany Plan of the Union, the Declaration of Independence, the treaty of alliance with France, the peace treaty with England, and the Constitution itself. (ammoland.com).

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2013.07.03

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Normal My A$$ - Vid
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